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  1. British Keyboard

    Thankyou! IT WORKED!
  2. British Keyboard

  3. British Keyboard

    Hello. I have a problem with the Keyboard layout on my hackintosh. When I installed OS X, I told the setup wizard that I'm from the UK and to use a British keyboard layout. When OS X was installed, it shows that it is using the British layout but in fact it's a USA layout.... " and @ are wrong way around etc. I done some research and other people are having this problem and I found a guide to install a proper British layout. I followed the guide and managed to get the new layout selectable in the options, like this. Notice I cannot untick the default layout This is the new option I now have in my menu bar. Problem is that it ALWAYS jumps back to the default layout with any new application. So, if opened chrome, I have to manually select it, then if I was to go to another app like Finder - it jumps back to default layout, even if I go back to chrome. It's SOOOO frustrating as I'm a web developer so I need all the symbols in the right places. This forum must have some british hackers, so if your british and your hackintosh layout is correct - PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU DID! Thanks for any help, Regards, Matt
  4. Hello. I'm sick of every single IDE / Editor on Windows / Linux so I've been stalking the world of OSX on PC and have gotten quite clued up on it. Anyway, I'm 100% sure I'd prefer Mac and would like to install it on my PC. If I bought the following components would I be able to install OSX Lion via this method http://tonymacx86.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/######-install-mac-os-x-lion-using.html - Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 - Intel Core i3 2105 I already have 8GB DDR3 & I have a Radeon HD5770 Graphics card. Cheers