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  1. I thought I’d give a rundown of my imaginary experience with myzar’s DVD (10.4.4 w/5 upgrade) and the v3 PPF4(which gives 10.4.6 and an intel only SSE3 kernel option) that was released. If it was legal to do this stuff for real, here’s what I imagine it would be like. I’m running an Abit AI7 mobo w/ P4 Prescott 3.0 HT, onboard sound (for OSX only), I run a SB Audigy2 ZS in windows). GF6800GT graphics and two Lite-On DVD-RW drives. Install of 10.4.4 without AMD patch from both the patched and unpatched DVD went smooth. In fact my primary install of 10.4.4 is dual booting w/ XP very well. I have networking, sound, net access, even my iPhoto, GarageBand, iDVD and iMove work fine. Although I haven’t done anything with iDVD or iMovie other than launch them and look around a bit. iTunes is up to date and my iPod hooks up via firewire just fine. This morning I pulled down the latest update to GarageBand and it still works fine. Toast 6.1 works well. In fact I burned my PPF4 patched .iso DVD with toast and it’s perfect. Still can’t play DVD movies yet. Not even with VLC. But MPEG4 rips work well with QuickTime. The macvidia drivers helped to set my resolution to 1280x1024x32 but honestly, I don’t see a difference in performance. I guess it was good practice for the beta2 install. I’m very happy with this install and I have no urge to go up to 10.4.6. Why break what ain’t fixed er something like that. As for the upgrades and Intel only SSE3 patched DVD: 10.4.4, 10.4.5 and 10.4.6 “without selecting AMD and SSE3 only patches” all install without a problem on a fresh USB drive. I could not get the SSE3 only kernel patch to work on any of the install levels whether I tried .4 .5 or .6. When I selected this option and installed, it would send my PC into a reboot loop without any error messages at all. At the point of the boot where the blue screen is supposed to come up, it would go black and reboot over and over…. So for me, that patch is out. But here again, I see no loss in performance when running PPC apps. If it is emulated, I can’t tell the difference, and Menu Meters' CPU moniter shows two cpu's with differing rates of use as if the OS is indeed using the hyper threading. This was most definitely worth the imaginary five full days of download time it took to get the original myzar patched DVD!! Now when the wife is hogging our Intel iMac, I have my own OSX to play on. If I can answer anyone’s questions to help them in their quest for OSX from my own imaginary experience, I’d be glad to help.
  2. 10.4.5 patch

    Not much info from you there, but if you know where the Bay is, it shouldn't be too hard to find. You'll need to know whos patched install DVD you have. Then you can look for the correct patch or patcher. Cheers
  3. Myzar’s patch, which is on the bay, has a link in the description that points to the DVD it patches. It works. If you have the “10.4.4/5 DVD from myzar/demons”, his “PPF4 10.4.6 w/ sse3 only intel” patch will work. That said, the only way I could successfully patch my iso was to do it from the terminal on my 10.4.4 PC. I had the install DVD.iso and the PPF4 patch in my home dir. And run the applepatch for intel terminal app. I tried the java app and it did nothing, I tried the osx app, and it crashed. I tried doing it in windows, and windows would only see 1.99Gb of the .iso The terminal worked by dragging the apple_patch terminal application into the terminal, typing the “a” key and then dragging the intall DVD iso into the terminal and then doing the same with the PPF4 file and hit return. It’ll say patching….and after 4 or 5 minuits, it will say patched! Burn the iso, and be happy… Hope this helps
  4. New iMac Duo

    Maybe the question should be "Why would I be looking at an iMac for all my CPU and graphicaly intensive needs?" If its because of the cost, then you can't afford the right "Apple" tool for the job. Sounds like you need a dual G5 with the 30in. HD display. I love my intel iMac. Its quiet, has a great looking display, takes up very little room, and can rip, shrink and burn a DVD in about 45-60 min. And above all, its a Mac. If on the other hand I want to play F.E.A.R w/ 4x AA and 16x AF settings all maxed out, I turn on my overclocked "leaf blower" and put my headphones on. LOL
  5. Well the OpenGL drivers are out there now so I hope you guys can get them working. As for my original post, its moot at this point because once again I've tried and failed to get that darn 6Gb image expanded onto my 40Gb drive. So in order to prevent another drive ending up in my front yard....I'm focused on setting up the iMac just the way I like it and leaving my PC alone. Thanks guys.
  6. So I take it, its not as simple as putting the disk in my PC mac and installing things like iLife06. That figures. Well the least I can do is have a look inside that OpenGL file. keep in mind I'm no expert here. I just read and follow how-tos well LOL. Stay tuned, if I can help out on the D.L. I will.
  7. I've been playing around with Deadmoo's image on my Abit AI7 with a prescott 3.0 for some time now. I liked OSX so much I decided to man-up and pull the trigger on a new 17" iMac core duo. But this doesn't mean I'll stop messing around with my PC install. My question is this. Now that I have my hands on an Intel based install DVD set, is there anything useful I can do with it on my Deadmoo PC? For example, install iLife06 or update Deadmoo to 10.4.4? Any suggestions would be helpful in my never-ending need to screw around with this stuff! Thanks.