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    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    I just got Yosemite installed fine but whenever I try to boot from it it just hangs for 10 minutes then restarts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. pics here: http://cl.ly/image/06420L2M060p
  2. No, I was never able to fix it and install ML. What motherboard do you have?
  3. I tried the UUID thing but that didnt work. Ill try the cd thing when I get a chance. Thanks.
  4. I cant download anything because im not registered but when I try to register it says "your invitation has expired!" Thanks. Is this how it should look? http://cl.ly/image/103C100o0l1x Thanks
  5. Im sorry but I dont know what you mean.
  6. Thanks. I just tried everything you said but i might of found something when booting with -v. Right after starting Drawin x86_64 it says "boot args: boot-uuid=8481159E-1DEE" ect. then it reboots. In your reply you were talking about specifying the boot UUID, do you think this has anything to do with that?
  7. I tried using the "myhack" thing to create an installer but it had the same problem but when I booted with -v -x -f -s GraphicsEnabler=No it went really far but when it got to the desktop I saw it was just the clone of my Lion drive.
  8. Ive just been doing tons of research and trying everything but I cant find anything so im trying to find help.
  9. Have the same restarting problem. How should I fix it? thanks
  10. Anyone have other ideas!?!?! Thanks
  11. Thanks but it still didn't work. I have heard of a few other people with this problem but different motherboards but they havnt been able to fix it either. Thanks.
  12. I have tried it from both a partition on my SSD and a partition on my USB drive. I don't have a big enough flash drive. Thanks.
  13. It still just stops at starting darwin x86_64. Thanks. I even tried downloading 10.8.2 and retrying it.
  14. Ok i tried that but it still didn't work. Thanks.