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  1. Problem solved, see my guide.
  2. About the system The Wortmann Terra 4440 has a Clevo M7X0SU motherboard with onboard NVIDIA 9300M GS (256mb) graphics card. It has a Realtek RTL8187b USB WLAN card built in and a Synaptics Touchpad. I've been struggling a bit until I found out how to update to 10.6.8 properly, but heres my solution. What you get If everything goes fine, you'll have a 10.6.8 Snow Leopard installation with fully working graphics and audio, a WLAN driver and multitouch gestures on trackpad. What you need - SnowLeo 10.6.0 distribution DVD - Combo update to 10.6.7 - Normal update to 10.6.8 - WLAN driver from here - Touchpad driver from here 1. Preparing the computer First, enter your BIOS menu and set SATA AHCI mode enabled. Tip: If you cant find the AHCI option, look for a option called "Installed O/S". Set it to "VISTA". Now there should be an option "SATA Mode Selection", set this to AHCI. 2. Installing the base system Boot from the DVD. Go to Utilities -> Disk Utility and create a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition on your hard drive. Then close Disk Utility. Continue the setup, select the partition you just created and click Continue. In the next view click on Customize. A window will pop up with default selections. Keep them and select the following in addition: Chipset/ LegacyAHCI AppleVIAATA Video/NVidia/ NVEnabler Audio/ VoodooHDA System Patches/ ApplePS2 Notebook Patches/ VoodooBattery Install and reboot your computer. 3. Update to 10.6.7 Install the combo update but don't reboot! Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ and delete the NVEnabler.kext. Reboot with "-v -f" flags. 4. Create 10.6.7 extension backup Open /System/Library/ and create a copy of your Extensions folder. 5. Update to 10.6.8 Install the update but don't reboot! Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ and delete all the GeForce***.kexts and the NVDA***.kexts. Open System Preferences -> Chameleon -> Peripherals and tick GraphicsEnabler. Now copy the following files from your 10.6.7 extensions copy into the Extensions folder: IOUSBFamily.kext IOPCIFamily.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext AppleIntelHDGraphicsGA.plugin AppleIntelHDGraphicsGLDriver.bundle AppleIntelHDGraphicsVADriver.bundle AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext GeForce.kext GeForce7xxxGLDriver.bundle GeForceGA.plugin GeForceGLDriver.bundle GeForceVADriver.bundle NVDANV40Hal.kext NVDANV50Hal.kext NVDAResman.kext 6. Repairing extensions permissions Open OSX86Tools from the /Applications/TOOLS/ folder. Tick - Set Extensions permissions - Clear Extensions Cache - Clear User Application Cache - Clear System Application Cache - Touch Extensions Folder and click on Run Selected Tasks. When finished reboot your computer. 7. Installing the WLAN driver Unpack the WLAN archive. Copy the RTL8187Bl.kext to /System/Library/Extensions/. Then install the UI.pkg and the StartUpItem.pkg. When done repeat step 6. 8. Installing the Synaptics Touchpad driver Unpack the Touchpad archive. Copy the two kexts to /System/Library/Extensions/ and the Trackpad.prefPane to /Library/PreferencePanes/. When done repeat step 6. 9. Get better audio driver If your audio rustles or makes strange noise, get the newest VoodooHDA from here. 10. Have fun! Now things should work fine. If you still have problems, feel free to ask me
  3. Hello guys, I've got a laptop with a Clevo M7X0SU motherboard and a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics card. Well I'm trying to update my Snow Leopard from 10.6 to 10.6.8. I am using 32 bit mode. Updates until 10.6.4 went fine, then when updating to 10.6.5 I had to remove the NVEnabler.kext (because of a black screen), then updates until 10.6.7 went fine too. Now I'm updating to 10.6.8. I replaced the IOUSBFamily.kext with the one from 10.6.7 to get my USB functionality back. Now I can only boot with "GraphicsEnabler=no" flag into VGA mode (1024 x 768). Until 10.6.7 the graphics worked fine. But now when I try to boot with graphics enabler I get a green screen. When I try the following flags: PCIRootUID=0 + GraphicsEnabler=yes -> Green screen PCIRootUID=1 + GraphicsEnabler=yes -> VGA mode (like no graphics enabler) I tried to use NVEnabler kext, but there I get either this or the same green screen. Do you have any idea? Thank you in advance! Greetings, Max
  4. After failing with iAtkos, iDeneb, Kalyway, ######/Retail, SnowOSX and iPC, i finally found a working distro called "SnowLeo OSX". Works like a charm! Look at the bay of the pirates for " SNOWLEO MAC Snow Leopard OSX86_64 For INTEL/AMD 32/64 MBR/GUID " Happy hacking!
  5. Hey guys! I have already got Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed on my Desktop PC, and now I would like to install it on my laptop. Laptop data: Motherboard: Clevo M7X0SU Front Side Bus: Intel GTL+ (64 Bit) Chipset: Intel QM67 (afaik) CPU: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 (2000 MHz) RAM: 4GB BIOS: Phoenix BIOS (from 10.02.2008) Graphics: NVidia GeForce 9300M GS SATA HD: FUJITSU MHZ2320BH G2 ATA Device (298 GB) Disk drive: MAT{censored}A DVD-RAM UJ870QJ ATA Device The laptops hard disk is connected over SATA and has three partitions: - On the first partition theres GRUB as bootloader and the Windows 7 partition (NTFS) - On the second theres the System Reserved partition for Windows 7 (NTFS) - On the third partiton theres Fedora installed (HFS+ i think) I am trying to boot with iB00t 3.2 and the retail Snow Leopard 10.6 disk. I want to remove Linux, format its partition and install Mac OSX instead of it. The problem is that it says Still waiting for root device when booting in verbose mode, so I think it does not detect my hard disk drive. AHCI Mode is on! Do you have any idea what I could do? Here i've uploaded screenshots of the BIOS, Chimera and what Darwin verbose mode tells me. When using a distribution like iAtkos L2 its exactly the same. Thank you in advance! Max
  6. snow leopard hates my laptop :P