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  1. thanks guys - will check those out
  2. firstly... thanks again all burnt ######, put it in and got to the ###### splash screen Interestingly, I had the option to either boot into ###### OR the OSX I had just before the crash... which suggests the boot disk is still active? When I chose either option, I got the following errors and hit the wall
  3. thanks for the tipoff. I tried ###### a few days back but may not have burned it correctly. Will give it another go @rlf - thanks. Opened up the box and connections look fine - hasnt been touched in about 2 years. Lots of dust naturally, which I cleared away my worst fear is disk failure but I'm confident the photos etc... were on disc 2... I hope! cheers
  4. Hi All First post and hopefully you can assist. I'm aware I might not be in the right forum so any directions appreciated To cut a long story short, my Hackintosh media centre running Snow Leopard is now failing to boot and wont get to the splash screen that had a Chameleon on it. Unfortunately I cant remember the build but it might be iAtkos? My father was an avid x86 / Hackintosh builder but unfortunately he passed away in November, and despite my computer savvy, I dont have enough to diagnose the problem on my own. The box itself contains a main drive with the OS, and a second drive with all my music, photos etc... so obviously I'm keen to either (a) get it running again or ( at the very least, recover my valuable data. I took a backup a few months back but will lose some photos When I power on the machine, the disk whirrs, it goes to some BIOS splash screens - more slowly than usual - then stops at a certain stage. I'm attaching screenshots to help explain the failure point. The final stage is where it says "DISK BOOT FAILURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". I suspect it hasnt even got to the OSX load point, and this is a boot / DOS issue but cant be sure If anyone has seen something similar, or can guide me to a solution of sorts, I'd really really appreciate it Many thanks D