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  1. OS X Safe Sleep and Windows Hibernation with Boot Camp

    In OSX, safe sleep is the same as hibernation, so it is theoretically possible to do what he's asking, although I haven't yet found a way to do it. If anyone does know, it would be pretty awesome to get this to work.
  2. Turtle Beach USB Audio Advantage Micro

    is that the install dvd that came with the sound card, or the osx install disk
  3. I just installed 10.4.6 on my dell d620 with a 1390 card the strangest thing happened: right after the install, it worked perfectly, although if I clicked on the wifi button in the top right, it said it was not configured. stranger yet, after I rebooted, it stopped working at all. any ideas?
  4. Dlink DWL-G630 PCMCIA *$19.99*

    I have the DWL-G630, and it seems to work fine, but I can only seem to get it to detect new networks during boot. Also, I dont think I can take it out and put it back in without rebooting. Any ideas? How do you get yours to work perfectly?
  5. freezing at Mac OS X screen

    I had the exact same problem does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. What apple should do

    I agree with that, apple should realease it for the desktop and make it not praticularly compaitble with non powerbook laptops, however, I think that it is unlikely that they would do something like that, because they do not seem able to let go of even just their desktop hardware.