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  1. thats true.. 650 works oob with GE=No.. both its 1gb and 2 gb version works fine..
  2. thanks.. no i won't blame u mate.. but i'd rather go with a OOB card.. its absolutely important for me to go with a OOB card with max compatibility and stability.. BTW, isn't the gtx 650 considered OOB? i read that on tonymac forum..???
  3. Sapphire Vapour-X 5770 is not available easily in my country.. not atleast on online shops.. any other recommendation? my budget is less than $200.. since my usage is not much high as mentioned above in first thread..
  4. i was planning between gtx 650 or gt 640.. btw, which one should i buy given here, if i choose gtx 650.. i am confused with the list of cards given on this url..
  5. Thanks for reading.. i don't game.. very rarely. Occasional video editing. But No 3d work. i use logic for music compositions and shall use 30" screen later. i may also expand to 3 monitor setup with perhaps 1 monitor being 30" or bigger. may be projector. I have HD3000 onboard graphics with which i am running ML right now. Now, to expand to dual monitor i need a graphics card. Now, the most important thing is that Graphics Card has to be absolutely Out of Box and Stable without any issues.. Absolutely NATIVE.. cos i suffered a lot with my earlier gpu which crashed very often hence making my system highly unstable.. I want a card with which i can take updates to ML without any issues.. and just focus on work.. Something which is like install and forget.. Which one you guys suggest with my kind of requirement? My System is: i7 2600k gigabyte z68xp-ud3 16 gb ram 650 watt psu corsair carbite tower.. big cabinet..