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  1. Frankly, I have no idea in particular because I don't have experiences with X99 based systems but you should follow the general guidelines from post #1. Next check the BIOS, in particular make sure it's up to date and that the settings are correct. Also check DSDT as well as SSDT(s). After that, examine the kernel logs for error messages and don't forget to take a look at network statistics (use netstat in Terminal). Good luck! Mieze
  2. I'm asking for AFP in order to compare with the SMB results. In case of a protocol issue, AFP should be as fast as expected. Otherwise there might be a power management issue or something else. Mieze
  3. What about AFP? Does AFP deliver the same results? Mieze
  4. Disable packet signing! Mieze
  5. There is no official support for the 82566MM in IntelMausiEthernet. As I haven't removed support for this chip completely, you might want to try to add your NIC's device ID to the driver's Info.plist. In case it works, fine, in case it doesn't there is nothing I can do for you. Mieze
  6. Sorry, but you are on a wrong track because this is not a driver issue. A driver handles packets, nothing more and nothing less. Anything else is located in higher levels. Mieze
  7. That's something I can almost rule out. Kernel panics occur when a driver fails to communicate with the OS, which is definitely not the case for IntelMausiEthernet, or when there is something wrong the system, for example messed up system caches, a broken DSDT or a wrong BIOS setting which causes BIOS code to interfere with the driver. Anyway, fix your system to get rid of the KP! Mieze
  8. At first glance it may sound strange but frankly I'm not surprised because both devices are from Intel. Now, as the ME is no longer able to take control of the LAN device after wake up it seems to make do with the Wifi device instead. Interesting phenomenon but I don't think that this is pure coincidence. Mieze
  9. There is really no need to upgrade in case you are still using Sierra as the only difference between 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 is support for 300 series chipsets and 2.3.0 has proven to work reliably with Sierra.
  10. Hello crash, first of all thank you for your continued support. You are the best!!! Unfortunately the changes I made don't seem to resolve the issues with certain LM chips so that I decided to revert back to 2.3.4d0 and made it the next official release. I already updated the prebuilt binary in the download section. As usual, source code can be found on GitHub. Have fun! Mieze
  11. Reverse engineering Apple's EFI ROM may answer your question but it might also be a bug in the mainboard's UEFI firmware. Looks like the code is writing data to the NVRAM and causes a mess. Are you using Clover with emulated or native NVRAM? Mieze
  12. Any results so far? In particular from those users with I21xLM which used to have problems with sleep/wake? Mieze
  13. No, it isn't but without CSM the mainboard's UEFI tries to execute only EFI compatible ROM images. Unfortunately Apple's EFI ROMs aren't UEFI compatible which causes the problem.
  14. In BIOS enable CSM and under CSM options disable the execution of network and other option ROMs.
  15. Here is a new development version of the driver (2.4.0d2) which changes interaction with the ME during sleep/wake and cable plug cycles in order to resolve problems with LM chips which support AMT. All users are encouraged to test it thoroughly, in particular those with LM versions of the supported NICs. Tests should focus on sleep/wake and cable plug/unplug events. Good luck! Mieze IntelMausiEthernet-V2.4.0d2.zip