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  1. Destroya01

    Dell e7350 Ultrabook freezing before installer

    Doing that I get to the DSMOS arrived, prevent idle sleep list: IODisplayWrangeler+ (1). Then eventually I see a grey screen in which I can move the mouse, but I don't see the damn installer menus and top menu bar. This is definitely a framebuffer issue. Any other suggestions? Is there a way to force low resolution in the installer? That way if it is a framebuffer issue it will require less memory and may actually work and I can install and worry about making graphics work later. Update: I got it to get up the the install screen. I can click on languages to select. The top menu bar is not showing. The languages that are supposed to move on that menu are not moving like they should. Also I cannot move to next step in the installer.
  2. Destroya01

    Dell e7350 Ultrabook freezing before installer

    I can move the mouse after adding VoodooPS2Controller kext. It turns out that the PC is not frozen at all. It is very likely a graphics issue.
  3. Destroya01

    Dell e7350 Ultrabook freezing before installer

    I also would like to mention I have a dell venue 7140 with similar specs (5y10 processor with hd 5300 graphics) that can boot into the installer. It seems there is some issue with the dell e7350 booting into osx installer. Is there a way I can log debug information so that we can take a deeper look at where exactly its freezing?
  4. Destroya01

    Dell e7350 Ultrabook freezing before installer

    I have tried safeboot (-x flag) and it still freezes. Attached is my CLOVER directory. Also I haven't touched the clover config.plist. I'm not sure about the iGPU layout-id. Isn't that part of post-installation tasks? I'm just trying to get the installer to boot up. CLOVER.zip
  5. Destroya01

    Dell e7350 Ultrabook freezing before installer

    @bronxteck Did what you suggested. Oddly enough lilu reports "lilu applied only 0u patches out of 1u." So seems like it is not applying the patch. Since the patch is new (1.1.4 of the patch was posted 9 days ago) I suspect it may be broken. Is it possible to contact the author? Looks like I'm not the only one with this problem: http://forum.osxlati...-latitude-7350/ @Hervé That was the exact procedure I followed. In case you want to go over what I did I included that below. I wonder why there are two dvmt prealloc variables to set w/ this bios. <- this may be the reason why it's not working. The variables I changed through the UEFI shell were: setup_var 0x164 0x3 setup_var 0x165 0x3 After in Windows dedicated video memory still showed up as 128mb, so I reverted the changes to the default: setup_var 0x164 0x1 setup_var 0x165 0x1 Just for reference I attached the extracted setup IFR from the dell 7350 bios. setup IFR.txt
  6. I'm looking to install OSX Sierra 10.12 on my dell e7350. It has a core m 5y71 processor, HD 5300 graphics. Upon booting into my OSX installation USB (Clover UEFI) the kernel seems to boot up fine in verbose all the way to the end. Right before it gets to the installation screen, it freezes at the apple logo with the mouse cursor seen in the top left corner. I'm fairly certain it is a graphics issue but would not mind a second opinion. There is a similar post over at another forum talking about how dvmt of 128mb causing these exact same symptoms and resolved it by changing dvmt prealloc to 96mb. I have tried to change DVMT prealloc from 128mb to 96mb on the dell machine by following the guide however the expected results do not show up in Windows. (dedicated graphics memory still shows as 128mb no matter what I change the DVMT prealloc variable to.) Would appreciate some advice on these matters.
  7. Destroya01

    Need Help With Sleep Fresh Yosemite Install on AMD

    Thank you for your quick response. I just installed the web drivers, and I still have issues (read below). I noticed that if I press the power button on my computer the display will show the login screen, but both my (USB) mouse and keyboard do not respond. Any other suggestions?
  8. System specs: AMD 1090t 3.2ghz Asus Crosshair V formula 16gb Kingston ram 1GB Seagate mechanical HDD Quadro FX 3800 graphics Card I successfully installed OSX Yosemite on my machine and currently using Bronya AMD rc6 kernel. Can someone show me how to get sleep functioning? So far when the computer goes to sleep it will not wake up when I press the enter key for instance on my keyboard (fans spin back up but no signal is displayed on my monitor.)
  9. This kernel you posted ( 1010-REV-8B ) does NOT allow my system to boot. It stops at "[iOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed" and desktop doesn't show up.
  10. sysctl machdep.cpu output for Phenom II 1090t: machdep.cpu.max_basic: 6 machdep.cpu.max_ext: 2147483675 machdep.cpu.vendor: AuthenticAMD machdep.cpu.brand_string: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor machdep.cpu.family: 16 machdep.cpu.model: 10 machdep.cpu.extmodel: 0 machdep.cpu.extfamily: 1 machdep.cpu.stepping: 0 machdep.cpu.feature_bits: 36064020440808447 machdep.cpu.extfeature_bits: 2313372192472063 machdep.cpu.signature: 1052576 machdep.cpu.brand: 0 machdep.cpu.features: FPU VME DE PSE TSC MSR PAE MCE CX8 APIC SEP MTRR PGE MCA CMOV PAT PSE36 CLFSH MMX FXSR SSE SSE2 HTT SSE3 MON CX16 POPCNT machdep.cpu.extfeatures: SYSCALL 1GBPAGE EM64T LAHF LZCNT PREFETCHW RDTSCP TSCI machdep.cpu.logical_per_package: 6 machdep.cpu.cores_per_package: 6 machdep.cpu.microcode_version: 21 machdep.cpu.processor_flag: 1 machdep.cpu.mwait.linesize_min: 64 machdep.cpu.mwait.linesize_max: 64 machdep.cpu.mwait.extensions: 3 machdep.cpu.mwait.sub_Cstates: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.sensor: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.dynamic_acceleration: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.invariant_APIC_timer: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.thresholds: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.ACNT_MCNT: 1 machdep.cpu.thermal.core_power_limits: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.fine_grain_clock_mod: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.package_thermal_intr: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.hardware_feedback: 0 machdep.cpu.thermal.energy_policy: 0 machdep.cpu.cache.linesize: 64 machdep.cpu.cache.L2_associativity: 16 machdep.cpu.cache.size: 524288 machdep.cpu.tlb.inst.small: 32 machdep.cpu.tlb.inst.large: 16 machdep.cpu.tlb.data.small: 48 machdep.cpu.tlb.data.small_level1: 512 machdep.cpu.tlb.data.large: 48 machdep.cpu.tlb.data.large_level1: 128 machdep.cpu.address_bits.physical: 48 machdep.cpu.address_bits.virtual: 48 machdep.cpu.core_count: 6 machdep.cpu.thread_count: 6 Audio still functions well with Tora Chi Yo's 1010-Rev-8A kernel. My boot flags: -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x3000
  11. As I suspected, you are still using the older kernel by Tora Chi Yo dated 2/8/15. This is why you are still having audio stuttering problems. Try to use the boot flag UseKernelCache=No after updating your kernel to 1010SSEPlus-rev.8.
  12. Open a terminal and type in: uname -a Post the output here. That should tell me what kernel you are booting with.
  13. I believe the developers created that file to show the changes they made to that specific kernel version, and so that other developers working on the same project could use that file to quickly make those same changes to their own kernel. It's interesting how you and I have an ALC 889 and an AMD phenom II 1090t and yet we have different results, mainly your audio stutters and mine doesn't. Also try using the boot flag -f to ignore any previous kernel cache after you replace the kernel. Maybe it is a motherboard issue? Are you using the latest version of VoodooHDA.kext?
  14. 1010-SSEPlus-Rev.8 works exactly the same. No audio stuttering on ALC 889. The frequencies are also the same still detected as 3.61Ghz in CPU-x.
  15. I tested both kernel_10.10_all_amd_rc5 and 1010-SSEPlus-rev7 both worked incredibly well. (no sound issues with ALC 889). The only problem I have is incorrect frequency detection. My AMD Phenom II 1090t is getting clocked at 3.61Ghz instead of its stock 3.2Ghz. (Online it says that 3.6Ghz is the turbo core clock for my processor. Coincidence??) Hopefully this helps. The picture of CPU-x attached is with 1010-SSEPlus-rev7 kernel.