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  1. Hello My Console shows an Random Error in Mavericks Server 10.9 installed on VMWare ESXi 5.1. What happen with message? Regards Florian
  2. Hello guys I have installed Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server (10.8.4) on Intel Modular Server with VMware esxi 5.1 The server works fin, but the network speed is not stable. The System Log shows continuous "apsd failed to get client cert" In Virutal Machine Settings -> Adapter Type "E1000" selected ML Loads the follow kext: /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleIntel8254XEthernet.kext Is the correct kext loaded, or what can i do to speedup the Network? P.S.: Previously the Server was at 10.7.5, there was no Error. Regards Florian --> Solved: I installed second network adapter with Adapter Type "E1000e" -> This Adapter use a other Driver in OSX (Intel82574L.kext). Now the network speed works normally.
  3. Hello I installed an Mountain Lion 10.8.4 Server on an VMWare esxi 5.1 Server (with unlocker). Previously osx 10.7 server was installed with the same config -> They works normally (no network problems). The MLion Server show in Console (Log) if afp client connected, continuous afp error (afpfs_DoReconnect). What can I do? The Server Configuration is the same as 10.7 Lion Server. MLion Server was an new installation, not upgraded. Regards Florian
  4. I have a Problem with Lion Server VM installed on VMware ESXi 5 (768111). The LionServer works fin but I can not expand the Lion System Disc. In VMare I expand the Disc-File from 100G to 200GB. After I Restart the VM the Disc shows the new Free Disc-Space. But I can not expand the LionHD. I test it booted from System with Disc Utility and with Terminal and i also test it booted from Lion Boot CD. There is no error Message. How can I expand the system Disc? Can anybody test it on a Lion Server? Regards SM512
  5. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I have an work around. The Problem is shows only when I start the VM with VMWare vCenter. When I Connect directly with the client, the startup works without any Problems. Is there a workaround to startup the Lion Client with VM vCenter? Regards Florian
  6. Has anybody installed the newest Lion Server Update (10.7.4) on an VM that runs on VMWare esxi 5.0 Host?
  7. Hello Today I test the new update from Lion Server (10.7.4). Installation works fin but after Reboot the server comes not up. I Boot in Verbose Mode. There Start Process stopped at PCI Configuration, thats all. I booed the Recovery Image and Start Volume and Permission Rep. But nothing changed. Now i go Back to 10.7.3 Server! Hardware Details: Intel Modular Server with 32GB RAM, Intel XEON Server Prozessor VM vSphere 5 update 1 Regards Florian
  8. Hello Thanks for fast Replay. I found the issue. First I start the uninstaller of the newest Patch and after this I installed it again. I rebooted the Host. After this the VM starts the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.0 CD (Image). I see the Harddrive and installed the System without any errors. I also started the Apple Software Update. Now it works with newest Version of Lion (10.7.3) and Lion Server Tools installed. Hardware Details: Intel Modular Server with 32GB RAM, Intel XEON Server Prozessor VM vSphere 5 update 1 Regards Florian
  9. Hello I like to install Mac OS X Lion (iso image) on my ESXi 5 Server (Version 623860). No Matter what i Try, (Boot with verbose mode, or reconfig the vmx File) the power up stops at on same point. I Power on the vm, After the gray Apple it shows me a white screen with the "spinning wheel of death". Thats all, no CD Menu, no Error message What can i do?