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  1. Dell inspiron 1564

    Hello fellow-Belgian, I'm very new to this too, but there is 1 very important thing you have to realize: You'll have to repartition and format the whole disk, so make sure you have a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium so you can always go back (they say: "If you go Mac, you never go back", but don't forget you're not on a "real" Mac so you will have glitches and issues) or use it next to Mac OS X, and back-up all data you don't want to lose (which is always a good idea). Also, if this is your only computer, don't do it or buy an extra HDD for Mac OS X so you can always go back to how it was by simply putting the stock HDD back in, because there IS a big chance you'll be working a few days on it to get the basics (like internet) working properly! Is there any reason you want to run 10.6.6 instead of the latest version of Snow Leopard: 10.6.8? Because that is what I am running on my (still not 100% working) Hackintosh now... To boot from the Mac OS X installation-DVD, you'll need to make a boot-helping CD/stick and afterwards, you need a program to apply kexts (drivers) and updates properly. For some reason(???), this forum doesn't allow me to tell you the names of these applications... Isabelle
  2. Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm Isabelle from Belgium and I'm trying to make my Medion Akoya P7330D computer run OS X Snow Leopard properly in order to experience Mac OS X before I switch to a real Mac or a more compatible self-built "Hackintosh" in the future... At this moment, my computer is running and booting Snow Leopard 10.6.8 in 64bit with proper graphics, but no sound and no wifi yet... greetings...
  3. MS-7616 working

    Hi, I have the very same computer (Belgian version) and I installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard on it with ###### (had to use "GraphicsEnabler=No" and try multiple times to get it running) + retail DVD. Then I ran the 10.6.8 combo-update and ######, but the ####### method (I hadn't found this topic yet). This gave me a working and booting system, but still had to use G..E..=No, had poor graphics, no sound, no wifi and unstable ethernet. I installed the "NVenabler64.kext" file in /Extra/Extensions and then I changed the bootscreen to the 64bit one with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I also installed the Network kexts from ###### to make the wired ethernet working stable, and off course I ran "System Utilities" afterwards... Now the system boots in 64bits with enabled graphics and I have a proper screen-resolution trough the HDMI port, but still have a few minor issues: - once the system is booted, the screen is plain blue. I have to turn off the screen and turn it on again to view the desktop. - no audio - no wifi Can I simply run ####### using this DSDT file to enable the audio, and do you have the wifi working? What happens if you remove the i386 flag? (since I'm not using it at this moment and I would like to keep the system 64bit to allow memory upgrades and 64bit applications) I attached the NVenabler64.kext to this post greetings, Isabelle NVEnabler64.kext.zip