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  1. PCI Config Begin = install EvilApple*.kext (only 2 of them, IIRC) from http://www.osx86.net/view/1613-gtx295_lion.html and platformuuid from http://www.osx86.net/view/19-platformuuid_%2832--64-bit%29.html I used "myHack" and just did the generic drivers it gives then those 3 kexts, plus the qe/ci mobile kext mentioned here, et "wallah" installed, booting and very nice.
  2. Not surprising, Rasid. There is something strange with the P5QC, other revs have no problem and don't need a modded bios...the plain QC does. Don't know what the deal is and not quite up to modding the bios to fix it, when the p5q works great w/10.7.2 and a E8500, dreaded 4850 and 8G of mem (even during install). I don't boot into it often enough, so not a major problem, but would have preferred to have this on the Quad p5qc. I'd hoped some QC owner out there could help fix or offer a solution (plist, kext, whatever).
  3. Addendum: SL had issues even with the kexts mainly because of the 4850 in the system, but Lion was dead simple and workable especially after the 10.7.3 QE/CI Patch by Netkas for the 4850. (Only "Uh-Oh" was mirror display needed to be on...freaky dual desktops with 1 monitor)
  4. Huh...works fine on a p5q (boot + install) but can't get past boot on a p5qc. Weird. Same usb drive, same config, kexts, etc but no joy.
  5. Hi, all. Brand new to hackintoshes and have been struggling with getting all the way through the boot process and kernel panicking. Tried the -x -v cpus=1, graphicsenabler=no, pcirootuid=1 with u/######, myhack 2.2 (can't seem to dig up 1.1, so some of the steps are not possible). Is there an updated version (and Guide) I've not ferreted out yet? Credit where credit is due, it is an easier way to get thru the boot process than other tools. I've got two systems to work with: P5q, 8G DDR2, E8500 all SATA Disks in AHCI, Radeon 4850 as a backup Main system: P5QC (Bios 2103), 8G DDR3, Q9550, AHCI for SATA (HD's and DVDR now), Radeon 6870 I've also got Lion under vmware (though w/ myhack it does not take the root password for some reason under Admin account, nor "su root" and open...but logging in/out to it does...weird) And a PMac G5 running 10.4 (so, no installing on a drive and hacking then xMoving it) and thanks to the owner I have Retail 1.4 to 10.7 disks and .dmg's (saves lots of time when Restoring to USB) My dozen or so attempts have gathered up many kexts and a .rom or two (P5QC ASUS 2103_by smith@@.ROM, for instance). If you have either one of those boards (bios mod or not) I'd love to know how the heck to get this going before I get crushed under the higher .edu stuff headed my way (including iOS programming...hence hackintosh).
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