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  1. For works perfect sound and graphics what version of snow leopard i need to install 10.6.6 or 10.6.8? Because with lion dont function the sound no? Thank you very much friends its some difficult for me do this
  2. Ahh i need to register tomorrow I try thank you very much friend
  3. Somebody can say me where can i download the file kabyllionv4.diff im searching in the post but i dont know where can i download.... the file for patch im noob about hackintosh but i have working a lot of hours my computer is a dell 1557 i7 hdd 320 gb , 4 gb ram ddr33 and graphic HD 4570 im spanish but i talk some english thank you very much
  4. Hi friends, First of all i'm spanish i want to say that i try to install snow leopard a lot of times , i tried a lot of versions. Finally i could install mac os following the tutorial ###### legacy + snow leopard retail but the problem is because i can only enter with -x ( safe mode) and i cant turn on one usb o something like that for update ###### and updatehelper. Im really crazy about that and i have a lot of hours losed. My computer is dell 1557 with i7 core , 4 gb ram ddr3 , hdd 320 and one graphic ATI 4570 Thank you very much.