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  1. Weird things going on.. Now i've successfully updated the kernel. but with the new kernel, 8.9.1 I can't open .dmg files (it works, with the old, 8.8.1 kernel), yes i've backed up the kexts, so thats not the problem... Nother problem: If i click on About this mac - more info, the system profiler starts then exits... any idea? thank you!
  2. Hello, my problem is, that i've downloaded the SSE2 8.9.1 kernel from irc.. (1 jul 2007 ToH), but i get a kernel panic, it doesn't matter, if i delete, the AppleIntel...kext any ideas why is that? (same happens with 23 aug 2007 ToH kernel as well) thank you! btw, i'm running 10.4.9 on a hp nc8230, with a Dothan CPU.
  3. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    well i think that's hard coded.. my gma 900 is set to 8m in the bios, however it reports to be as a 64M card under OS X. (at boot it is 8M)
  4. nope.. well the main problem is, that this laptop can not run an external and the panel at the same time.. so mirroring the display is anyway a no go..
  5. i've tried everything, but this laptop.. ibm x41 looks like it doesn't supports both screens (lcd and external) to be switched on at the same time.. so the u wire trick is a no go:( so there are two choices: external monitor, or going without core and quartz.. life sucks.
  6. for the future generation: http://rapidshare.com/files/19014782/B612_...r._1.1.zip.html
  7. Hi, please seed it, or upload it somewhere, anybody who has these packages.. thank you in advice we are stuck with the pbay version.. 3 of us:(
  8. sorry for the lame question.. i have a compaq evo n1020v.. read all threads.. how do i put in the dev id, with the hex editor? (where do i have to write in it?) and what should i write in the plist? regards.. Hardware identifier PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_AC41&SUBSYS_00560E11&REV_02 Location 0. PCI-bus, 10. device, 0. function PCI device Texas Instruments PCI-4410 PC Card CardBus Controller deivce resources: IRQ 10 Memory 000D7000-000D7FFF Memory EC000000-EFFFFFFF Memory FFBFE000-FFBFEFFF Memory FFEFF000-FFEFFFFF Port FD00-FDFF Port FE00-FEFF
  9. Hi, I'm running 10.4.4 on a MAXTOR PATA HDD with an Intel 6300ESB soutbridge (almost an ICH5R:)) and there is sluggish hdd performance.. however applying the kext in the first post doesn't solve the problem, as well as the system crashes on boot, if I copy over the second kext file as well (the IOATA one, or similar).. I'm stuck, cause it won't recognise my sata disks, so thats why i have to use this pata drive, but 2megs/sec is a littlebit... well.. slow from a dually xeon system:) Does anybody have any idea for this?
  10. OSx86 on Xeon

    prestonia still unsupported?