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  1. That's just incorrect. Why shouldn't 60 Hz work via HDMI? HDMI >= 2.0 can drive 2160p@60 just fine. As far as I know, it should even work via DVI on cards beginning GTX9xxx, altough not officially supported.
  2. +1 I'm using a 1080Ti to drive 2x 4k@60hz via DP.
  3. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    Sorry that I haven't replied earlier but I fixed the problem now Shame on me, I forgot to install the FakeSMC plugins Also I made my iGPU fully working by modifying the two framebuffer kext's and injecting my HD3000 in clover with the correct device ID. (As a nice bonus I can now use AirPlay mirroring and connect additional monitors to my motherboard.) So now all is fully working including SpeedStep, OC, FakeSMC (sensors) and the Macmini5,3 SMBIOS. Thank you
  4. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    I only get the temperature of one hard drive, nothing else. (I get my CPU temp in Intel Power Gadget, but not in iStat Menus) Normally I'm using gfx0 but to get a picture on my monitors I had to enable iGPU and set it to be first initialized. (My monitors are plugged into my AMD card. )
  5. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    I haven't patched AICPUPM.kext I think it's strange, but after restoring IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext it is booting just fine. It looks like the LPC patch is already applied to my DSDT. There are two things which aren't working right now, one being that I don't get FakeSMC sensor values and the other that I have to enable my iGPU to get my monitors to initialize. What can I do to resolve these two issues?
  6. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    Bootloader: Clover (I'm applying no patches or whatsoever in Clover because my DSDT should have all patches included) Kexts installed: FakeSMC.kext, AHCI_3rd_SATA.kext, AppleIntelE1000e.kext Patches: TRIM I created my DSDT with MaciASL (applied the patches for my board there)
  7. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    I'm a step further now. I got it booting by deleting the IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext Now my FakeSMC doesn't seem to work anymore because I don't see any sensor data at all. Is it OK that I deleted the kext and is there a way to fix FakeSMC?
  8. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    Hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP7 CPU: i7 2700K @ stock GPU. PowerColor HD7950 PCS+ RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz The graphics kext is loading fine with iMac or MacPro SMBIOS, so the SMBIOS must be causing a problem there. I will try the DSDT patch, and edit my post then. EDIT: Patching my DSDT didn't change anything. I'm still getting the same message.
  9. SMBIOS boot problem AppleLPC

    I can't boot my system, it's the last error in verbose boot. I attached my system.log system.log.zip
  10. Hi, the last few days I tried to improve the performance of my Hackintosh. Now I wanted to enable proper SpeedStep and got a problem with my SMBIOS. I had the MacPro3,1 definition running until now, but to enable SpeedStep I wanted to try the Macmini5,3 definition. The problem is that as soon as I set the definition in Clover I get stuck on booting at: AppleLPC::start - Could not find IOPlatformPlugin driver. The strange thing is, that my X86PlatformPlugin.kext got no definitions in it. Do you think the error could be related to that and what could I do to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance