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  1. What distro should I be using for this?

    First what's your memory/RAM?? Secondly: ur basic OS is? 3rd: People here would recommend you go for the official app downloading from the mac store. I would leave it up to you. I am using the official version and its great. 4th: If you buy the MAc OS X Lion app, I would recommend the tutorials by CPUKID on YouTube. They are great, simple and very easy to follow. 5th: I would also suggest wait for ML as Lion will soon be old in some weeks. WHen ML officially hits the markets, I think the processes will be simplified to install it as opposed to now, where installing ML is complex as compare to Lion (at least for me it is). So, there you are...as for your specs, it looks decent, but wait for some expert to reply.
  2. Honestly, your post is a little confusing. But try this: boot to ur system with -s type "/sbin/mount -uw /" [enter] sudo pico /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/Info.plist scroll down until u find <string>DeviceSection</string> <string>KeyboardTypeSection</string> delete these two sections with backspace and press ctrl+O [enter] ctrl+x [enter] shutdown -r now [enter]
  3. Thanx a lot eep357. It never occured to me if I was on 32bit or 64...Will do what you told me. EDIT: Jolly good! TADA!
  4. Hi all, I plan to install OS X Mountain Lion as it launches "this summer". These are some preparatory rounds (and research) I am doing to make sure my system is compatible and to minimize any surprises (and basically knowing if it is going to be worth the time and effort). Ok so here goes: Sys Spec: Intel Mobo DG31PR with chipset ICH7R RAM: 2GB DDR2 (It is a 32-bit system but 64-bit is compatible.) Nvidia 9400 GT 512 ( I thought it was 1GB ...anyways ) And that's about it. Problems I had during OS X Lion installation: BIOS doesn't have AHCI Mode Optical Drive is IDE/ HDD is SATA 'Before you begin' screen with the 'keyboard not connected' error Sound really gave me a tough time. Was forced to reinstall the OS 3 times (Lesson learned: Never use Voodoo kexts.) Post that, everything was as smooth as a hot knife through butter. Any first thoughts, impressions, (ESP?) that my system will work or not, please be kind enough to drop a comment. Thanks again!
  5. Yea, am going to follow the Mountain Lion forum closely. I am not much into music, but yes I have a cousin who has learned it more or less in the way you described it. But I definitely owe you one Gringo. Thanks a megaton! Next up: Mountain Lion!
  6. It was an old post I guess. BUt now I can very much run OS X. Strangely it is showing me a combo update or something. I guess to version 1.7.2 or 3 I don't know. I am not going to do it for a while. Will wait for Mountain Lion and then begin work towards it after the early/first reviews start coming in. But I owe you a big one Gringo Vermelho. You have been very patient, helpful and very very kind. Not once have you spoken rudely to a complete n00b like me. If you ever plan to come to India, a chilled beer awaits you here. Big Big thanks to you and all who held my hand through this.
  7. Heartiest thanks to Gringo Vermelho. I am now running a proper OS X Lion on my PC. Everything is working fine. I am going to let this run as is.I will be upgrading soon to Mountain Lion. Big cheers and thanks to all who helped me achieve this!!
  8. Ok Installed successfully! But again, the mouse and keyboard don't work. It is at the 'Before you begin' screen. And the System/CoreServices/ seupassistant.app file isnt there. This I checked while.making thethe USB disk. A USB mouse would work?? But any permanent solution for PS/2? Plz help...
  9. Thanx Gringo...should I remove it from S/L/E?? And sorry for the PM..I thought you won't reply...so I sent it by mistake.
  10. My problem is similar, but not the same. My PS/2 mouse/keyboard freezes at 'Flying Welcomes' screen, (actually, exactly at the Apple logo). So where do i put the kexts mentioned. Also should I use injector kexts (if there are any for PS/2 K/M) or should I use the generic ones? Also: where do these kexts go, S/L/E or Extra/Extensions?
  11. Hi thanx for your reply. It's a Retail copy of Lion. As I get the screen where I have to pick the drive to boot from, the Apple logo and then the 'Flying Welcomes' screen. It is the Apple screen where my PS/2 Keyboard and mouse freeze. Where will I see 'Customize'? Edit: Should I also anticipate Nvidia 9400GT graphic card issues as well and put the necessary Kexts in advance. Waiting for Gringo to reply.
  12. Made is GUID/Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Hoping it will work. And for testing purposes, have put only the Injector in Extra/Extensions. Fingers crossed. EDIT: I DID IT Gringo Vermelho!! I DID IT!! BUT BUT BUT Its just half the battle won. Though I am now on the 'Flying Welcomes' screen, my keyboard and mouse have stopped working. Now what do you suggest. More kexts?? Thanx so so much. I really had lost all hope had it not been for your last post. Plz help!
  13. As you said: "The drive that holds your Lion Installer should be GUID, HFS+Journaled non-case sensitive and you need to format and prepare it with Disk Utility. You can do this on a Mac or working Hackintosh." My question is the bold bit. I couldn't find this anywhere in the Disk Utility. Here: In this pic, the Drive is selected and not the partition. Still I can't see the "HFS+ Journaled" option. I know what you are saying, and I remember it too from my OS X Leopard days, but can't recollect where exactly this option lies. As in the above screenie, there is no "HFS+ Journaled". But I will figure this out tomorrow at office. Thanks again Gringo. And, one more thing, I would never hold any one up for a screw up as you only tried to help me. But I really owe you one man. Thanks for all the patience and putting up with n00bs like us. The little tag under your name, 'Moderator', suits you every bit. Thanks again.
  14. Ok, I have two HDDs. I disconnect the MS one before doing anything. So is there still a possibility that MS is controlling the system (or BIOS for that matter)? Secondly, HOW did you know it is MBR, cause one of the tutorial says it needs to be MBR and it is. I thought the Mac Drive is supposed to be GUID? And the flash drive one is supposed to be MBR for it to boot in the beginning. I guess I was wrong (for the #873th time ) Thirdly, now quite sure what you mean by HFS+Journaled format? When I am editing the USB, this is all I see: Which one would you recommend, and once again, isn't HFS+ Journaled for the "disk" more than the "drive". I mean the HDD partition should be HFS+ Journaled (from what I remember)? And Gringo, one more thing: I have somehow managed to convince my father for an overall system upgrade. WOuld you be kind enough to suggest a couple of things like a Mobo and graphics card? I would be really obliged.
  15. I AM REALLY REALLY ANGRY MAN!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SUPPSOSED TO MEAN?? SYSTEMS WORSE THAN MINE can boot the damn OS... tomorrow i am going to post pics of my BIOS > Gringo, please guide me as to how to activate the USB... unfortunately, everything seems fine... it says, 'Boot from USB First' enabled....inspite of that THIS!!!