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  1. I got a question, i've managed to install Snow Leopard on my AMD fully working (except wireless but nothing i can't live with) thing is, when i update to 10.6.8 i get stuck to the Silver Apple screen forever, i originally installed the system, updated to 10.6.4 addeed video bios, then updated to 10.6.7 and installed legacy kernel, everything worked fine for me, only that, on another tutorial i've read that once on 10.6.7 it was safe to use the straight macupdate system, and then my 1st Silver Apple Screen come out, i thought it was due to the kernel, installed the system again, updated straight to 10.6.8 using the combo updated and without restarting i added the legacy kernel (which is suposedly built for 10.6.8, and worked with my 10.6.7 install) and still, i got my 2nd Silver Apple Screen, so, is there anything i might be doing wrong? or is it just that i can't update to 10.6.8 and must remain at 10.6.7? thanks in advance by the way, i got the system runnin using the nawcom mod cd and retail snow leopard dvd
  2. Any OSX on a Lenovo 5042A2S

    Hello, i'm new to the comunity, but i'm trying to figure out if i can install OsX on my office pc, its a Lenovo Machine type: 5042 model No. A2S it has a AMD Phenom II x2 b53 processor, amd 760g chipset, same amd 760g integrated graphics card, realtek high definition audio, and marvell yukon 88e8057 pci-e gigabit ethernet controller, which distro do you think could work for me (in case its viable to get it done) Thanks in advance