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  1. Hi, eep357! When I go there I have nothing now, because I reinstaled Iatkos soon. But when i try to add - I make location and after tha on "+" i have to choose 3 type connection PPoE, 6 to 4 and VPN- I have not airport or wireless. I try with that Broadcom.fix also, but nothing. I put Airport.script on the top bar but it says airport card is not detected. For the ethernet I also try some kexts but nothing. May be somhere I do something wrong, but I really don't know what.
  2. I have touch button on the top bar and it's on. When I boot Mac OS I tryed off and on and the button lights on and off but nothing on the monitor is displayed.
  3. Thank you for the rlf's help. With his help we added in <string>14e4,4315</string> in AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext's info.plist but still have no wireless. Does anyone have any idea what else can be done?
  4. Now I saw BroadcomFix.kext is in the Extra\Extensions folder, but I can't see this kext with System info.....
  5. Hi. I installed iAtkos s3 v2. And I thing there have everything for this Wi-Fi card and shoul work without any different kext, but I have not option in Network settings for wireless. I don't know why.
  6. Thank you, rlf! I tryed before with this Magnat2's script, but I haven't success,now I will try to install the script, but everytime when I install something after that i can't boot Mac Os. When I instal some kext I using Kext Helper B7, but may be somewhere I doing something wrong. If I have kext in the install CD why I can not use the wireless conections? - in the Extra/Extensions folder I have Broadcom fix and there I found my card ID and vendor ID. Is Kext helper enough for repair permisions, I tryed to repair permisions and with Disk utility?
  7. Hi, all! I instaled Mac OS - Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my laptop - Packard Bell Eastnote NJ65. Everything is OK, but Wi-Fi and Ethernet: My original Wi-FI card was Intel 5100 , but I saw there have not kext for it and I changed it with Broadcom BCM 4312. I tryed every kext what i found but after reboot everytime I have problem to boot OS. I have kernel panic or message to restart laptop. In the install disk I have fix for my card which I installed, but when I start Mac I haven't WiFi. When I try to make new connections in Network - there have not option for wireless, just 6 to 4; PPoe and VPN. The same problem with my Ethernet connection - I can not start it. It's Broadcom 5784M. Can somebody help me? May be I do something wrong, but I don't know what. Thank you very much! Regards T. Lapkov