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  1. Well this is kind of a long shot, this seems to be an old thread. So I have tryed to follow this guide and I run into troble with the customize options, I don't seem to have most of the options listed in the guide. Only ones I seem to have is X11 AMD patch and SATA/ATA. I've used Hazards snow leopard client-server 10.6.2 SSE2/SSE3 intel AMD And I tryed this one Snow-Leopard-10-6-2-MacOSX-Intel-AMD-Hazard its the 4.43 gig one... With the latter chameleon loads and can install osx but have the same lack of customize options and I get cpu panic and a whole heck of a lot of errors mostly for the options I didn't have. I have a picture. Another issue might be my bois reads hhd and dvd as ide....but they are sata drives so not sure if that could cause issues. I've checked the dvd burn I did seems to be ok. Hardware is Cpu: AMD Athlon II x2 250 AM3 3.0 ghz Mulitpiler 15 bus speed 200 code name Regor revision DA-C2 mobo:770-C45(MS-7599) V1.1 chipset 770 SB700 LPCIO fintek F71889F Memory 4 GB of DDR3 corsair part no# CM3X1024-1333C9 Sapphire readeon HD 4890 1 GB its a newer modle don't feel like pulling the card out to find out what one it is. I hope that makes it some what easy to help me, I am a newbie at this hackintosh stuff. Only reason I gave it a try was my hardware was very close to the guides....lol but not close enough I guess :mellow: