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  1. I want to run a Hackintosh as a Virtual Machine, for the sole purpose of testing C++ code for compatibility on Mac's compiler. So, I don't care much about which version of OSX, as long as it can update to the current XCode and LLVM. I don't care about other features including USB. I downloaded Jas.10.4.8 as described here. It stops when it gets to " No AirPort Driver found" and "Login Window Application Started" though they can appear in either order. The CPUs are pegged, as I can see from the Host. Is there something better/newer I ought to be using? I've heard that later versions don't have AMD support, so I went with this which promised to be easy. But now VMWare has EFI BIOS support, so maybe there are more (easy) choices. Any pointers? Or a complete VM already set up (one can always hope...)
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    Quiz Correction

    I just took the "Quiz", and one of the questions did not have the correct answer among the choices. ASCII encodes 128 code points, including 96 graphics characters. 256 is not ASCII.