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  1. Apple: Form vs. Function

    Well, my opinion is that they are spearheading a movement to design and manufacture the only machine that you'll need... you can't (legally) run Mac OS X on a PC. Doesn't it make sense to design machines that will open up doors for PC users to switch over to a machine with a superior OS and FIANALLY convince them that they can leave Winblows behind and not have to change their work flow? I'm not sure that you have noticed that the Mighty Mouse by default is configured as a one button mouse in System Preferences for the "old school" users such as yourself. So you don't feel that you have to change your work flow either. This is from someone whom was a LONG TIME M.$. user and has finally seen the light, in fact I'm in the top 100 global ranking in the Apple Sales Training Certified Professionals, AND sales manager for an independant Apple Reseller. This after being a PC technician for over 8 years and claiming for years that I'd never switch to what I refered to as "the dark side"... I've never been so happy with a machine that I'd give away all of my other computers to my family (and tell them I wouldn't even look at them, take your repairs elsewhere!) ... just my two red cents.