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  1. I just used files on your guide. Which mac version should I used on smbios? Can you give me your smbios.plist? I have T61 7663-A18 with X3100, maybe it differ from yours?
  2. Thanks. I'm trying. Have you got display freeze? Could you give me an archive of your Extra & addition kexts on S/L/E?
  3. Hi HUSABER! First, I must say thankyou very much. Follow your guide, I installed 10.7.4 successfully on my T61. But I don't understand from "SUMMARY OF MY STUFF". You talk about kexts in S/L/E but they are stock 10.7.4 kext or your patched kexts, because in your guide I can't see any step that saying change kexts or something like that, just copying. If those are you patched kexts, so where I can download them. Thanks!
  4. Thanks bautzen! Some day ago, I've installed successfully Snow Leopard Retail 10.6.3 on my T61. My T61 has same specs with yours, after install and update to 10.6.7 I got KP, then I replace your VoodooHDA with another. I've installed many times, but not success until I read your guide. My T61 run cool than ever, even than XP (avg 30 Cel degrees). You save my love of MAC. Thanks you very much, bautzen!
  5. Thanks for your informations. But I just know some informations of my laptop : IBM Thinkpad T61 7658 CTO CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 Graphic : Intel 960M Wireless : Atheros AR5212 Ethernet : Intel 82566MM ... and I dont know other hardwares. You can show me the way to get hardware's informations on Mac version that I'm using - iDeneb 10.5.8?
  6. Can anybody tell me that iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion? If answer is Ok, so how to do that? Please help, I'm newbie MacOS. (Sorry for bad English)