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  1. Thanks for tip. What additional kexts are you using?
  2. Does it work with CI and QE support? Is Natit compatible with SL?
  3. berehon

    ASUS WL-138g v2

    Hey, man! I can't believe! I had tried everything — kexts, kernels, upgrades, plists, but it was still so slow. But when I touched antenna it was back! I still can not believe. I waste so many time cause I didn't believe your advice first time. Thanks, man!
  4. Psystar claims openmac uses gma950. G31M-S2L has another IGP.
  5. berehon

    Leopard and GMA900 ... no QE/CI

    Mac mini core solo was with gma950. Only developers' machines had gma900 and it was before Apple started selling Intel macs.
  6. berehon

    ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    Problem is solved. BrazilMAC solution with Conroe945G just works. After install you need to remove all *Natit* kexts from Extensions folder. GMA950 QE/CI, sound, network works just after install and post-install patching.
  7. berehon

    ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    i tried but i cant run video drivers http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=484616
  8. It seems problem is more global. I put GF card away from computer, and now my experiments are only with onboard gma. I tried to rename Finder.app to loginwindow.app to determine problem, and now i'm pretty sure problem is in video drivers. It's very strange cause i see some happy stories with gma950. My platform is near reference. Maybe somwhere is GMA 950 drivers in standalone package for Tiger? And one more question: what files (kexts, frameworks) this driver consists of?
  9. I have installed Leopard (clean install) from SL DVD created with BrazilMac solution. After install and postinstall patching i cant make it boot. With -v option i see error messages like "Display : family specific matching fails" and when logonwindow.app is started it hangs. There is even no mouse pointer on lightblue screen. My config is ASRock Conroe945G / MSI GeForce 7600 GS / SATA HDD I tried to start it with onboard GMA950-DSub (without external graphics card) and with GeForce 7600 GS-DVI -- results are the same. Does anybody have solution? Where is problem -- in logonwindow.app or in video drivers? Maybe i can boot it at least in VESA mode? How can i do this? I tried -v "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" but result is the same. Thanks.
  10. berehon

    Quark 7 unibin

    Yeah, it works much faster then Quark 6 under Rosetta. Unfortunely, it will expire after 60 days.
  11. berehon

    Quark 7 unibin

    I'm not sure, but it seems few days ago Quark put а _unibin_ of public beta Quark 7. I didn't find these news on any mac site, while readme file on Quark download page dated 1.05.06.
  12. berehon

    How to clean up my Mac OS9?

    Using some tricks you can install even Mac OS X up to 10.3. Having a RAM 128 or more it is pretty usable.
  13. berehon

    Can u reboot in x86 osx

    Oh, I can't reboot too. It seems because of motherboard. It is the same - MSI 915GLM. Although I heard people have same problems with other mobos.
  14. berehon

    Nanosaur 2 unibin

    I just have tried it. Works great. Smother then on iBook G4 1.2. Cool.
  15. berehon


    2 kinkadius If you be so kind. Please post your benchmark with Rosetta. Run XBench 1.2 with Rosetta, submit score to xbench site and post a link here. Thanks.