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    problem installing kalyway 10.5.1

    yeah im using an ide dvd drive. will it definitely work if i have a sata dvd drive?
  2. hey when i try to install os x from the kalyway 10.5.1 disc, whenever i go to boot, the disc wont startup. it comes up with that it cannot find com.apple.Boot.plist and wont let me go any further, not that ive gone anywhere anyways. i read somewhere that burning the iso with nero wouldnt work and that burning it with alcohol would, so i tried that, and it didnt work. i have no idea how to fix this and any help would be greatly appreciated. here are my hardware specs: asus p5k-e wifi edition intel q6600 4gb crucial ballistix ddr2-1066 3 random hdds (2 sata, 1 ide) bfg 8800gt
  3. ok so im attempting to multiboot my computer with xp pro, vista ultimate, and mac os x 10.4.9. i have everything necessary to actually do it. the problem is when i attempt to actually insert the mac disc and follow the onscreen instructions, my mouse and keyboard completely stop working. ive tried a usb mouse, ps2 mouse, usb keyboard, ps2 keyboard and a combination of all of them so i left no combination untried of those 4. i know that theyre all working but for some reason, they will not work when i try to install os x. ive been following this guide: http://www.profit42.com/index.php/2007/04/...indows-machine/ i dont really know what else to do. ive searched the internet for hours and havnt found anything. so if anyone could please help, id greatly appreciate it. here are my hardware specs: amd skt 939 4400+ 1 gig (2x512) ocz el platinum rev 2 700mg's of hdd space(xp on an 80 gig partition, same with vista but on a different partition, and an empty 80gb one for os x) dfi lanparty nfr sli-dr
  4. hey im a real noob at this and need a bit of help. when i go to install, neither my usb mouse or ps2 keyboard work. i want to try the fix that rammjet explains, but the problem is that i dont know how to go into "installer." can someone please help me? thanks and sorry for the noob question.