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  1. 10.7.3 hardware noises. help me.

    bigben1 I don't need to install any kexts atm. everything works. i have already all drivers installed(ps2 too) beside touchpad. Touchpad works fine but when i enter the system preferences>>trackpad it says: No Trackpand Found. what i want is just to know how i can disable/enable my touchpad and install DSDT. thats all. Thanks.
  2. DSDT for MSI CR640

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me what this DSDT does? And help me to install if it's necessary. I have Laptop MSI CR640. http://www.msi.com/p...v=Specification
  3. 10.7.3 hardware noises. help me.

    anyone knows how i can make DSDT for my laptop?
  4. 10.7.3 hardware noises. help me.

    Thanks for reply. Gringo Vermelho It has HDD noises i think and CPU too. not fan. bigben1 How can i fix the permissions? and where can i get driver for trackpad? And do i need also to install DSDT? If yes, can someone tell me how should i do that, or just post the link of a tutorial? Thanks.
  5. 10.7.3 hardware noises. help me.

    any1 can say something about this? :/
  6. Hello everyone. I've installed iAtkos L2 and everything works fine beside sleep/shutdown, sometimes USB works sometimes not and sometimes i got kernel panic while mac os starts booting. after restart i again get the kernel panic and on the third try it boots. see the screenshot - And the main thing I am afraid of is that after installation mac os the hardware makes strange noises. I've listened many times the hardware on another OSes(windows, linux) but never heard noises like this :/ Any suggestions? Thanks and sorry for my bad english. Here is my laptop: Laptop - MSI CR640. CPU - Intel® Core™ i3, 2.1GHz; Chipset - Intel® HM65; Memory - DDR3 2x 2GB 1333Hz; LCD Size - 15.6" HD 1366x768 (16:9); Graphics - Intel HD 3000 Graphic; Graphics VRAM - share with system memory; HDD (GB) - 320GB SATA;