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  1. Anyone got any ideas how I can get dual monitors to work and the dvd player. Its either one or the other. GE=yes dual monitors no dvd GE=no single monitor and dvd works
  2. [SOLVED] iCloud after 10.7.3

    Solved - cloned main drive and changed serial with chameleon. Rebooted on this and then made iCloud account - this now works on the old password!
  3. unfixable iCloud error

    Got exactly the same problem. Tried changing the smbios.plist to generate a new serial and ended up reinstalling the whole system
  4. Radeon HD6850

    I have just put a sapphire 6850 card in and it does work but I can't get the resolution up past 1280*1024 - any ideas?
  5. [SOLVED] iCloud after 10.7.3

    The ethernet works and is "en0". The boot list is has ethernet built in and yes. I have a serial number in smbios.plist and tried changing it but didn't really know what I was doing and the whole system went down - to the point that I had to reinstall everything. A bit worried about changing smbios again as everything else works.
  6. I have just installed Lion and upgraded to 10.7.3. Tried to log onto iCloud and get Account Limit Reached and Unrecognised Apple ID even though I used the account that I purchased Lion with. I have never used iCloud before and everything else works. Any ideas? I read the other post but didn't get the detail.