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  1. Hi! I've just build up my new hack with Crucial m4 128GB SSD. As I heard it needs alignment to achieve its full speed. Is it only related to drives that have been formated under windows XP or if it was formatted only under Mac Disk Utility I also need to align it (if so how to do it under os X)?
  2. I Just found a solution by myself. MyHack installed a "NullCPUPowerManagement.kext" but it should be removed when we use z77x-UD5H. So look for it, delete, rebuild caches, add darkwake flag in ChameleonWizard and sleep should work fine. But for my system I have some weird sluggish mouse after system wakes up. It stays for 15-20 sec and then go away and system works well.
  3. Asus x58 & ML = installation problem

    Yes I use old Adi2000B kext package.
  4. Hi! I've just build my new system: Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H (bios F8 - latest available) / 3770K / 16GB Corsair XMS / Gigabyte GTX 670 As I thought when reading some other forums, on this MB I don't need a DSDT and sleep/wake should work OOB. Maybe they were wrong or I did something wrong but I can't get sleep mode working. Monitor goes off but system didn't power off. If you know a solution to this problem or have working sleep mode please post your kext/enablers configuration.
  5. Usb Overdrive on 10.8

    Hi! After updating 10.7.4 to mountain lion, USB Overdrive doesn't install helper app in "login items". How I can manually add this helper?
  6. Asus x58 & ML = installation problem

    I've successfully installed 10.8 using MyHack app
  7. Asus x58 & ML = installation problem

    tot318 thanks for your reply it was really helpful. Following your method now I can boot from my flash drive and then install 10.8 But after installation system does not boot nor from hdd or usb. I get the apple logo and spinnig circle. I'm not at home now and I can't provide a photo of verbose boot yet. Maybe you can say what I did wrong. 1. I've followed all steps provided in given guide. 2. For model I've selected mac pro 5.1 (as I did in my 10.7.4)
  8. Asus x58 & ML = installation problem

    May bad english gives me problems:( I try to describe my situation in other words. I have Lion (10.7.4) installed and everything works well. I want to install Mountain Lion (10.8) and to do so I've downloaded a installation usb-stick creation utility (this utility name banned on this forum I don't know why). With help of this utility I made a installation usb-stick. (btw I install Lion same way and everything works great). When I boot from this USB flash drive to install OS X 10.8 I see: black screen - apple with spinnig circle - monitor goes in sleep mode. If I boot from this USB flash drive verbose mode it hangs at IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors. and after 30-40 seconds some lines of the text flashing very quickly and then monitor goes in sleep mode. For me it looks quite similar to old 10.7.4 problem but I'm most likely wrong. I've recorded a short video that shows this problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwejTMd498I Sorry for music I don't know how to remove audio in youtube editor.
  9. Asus x58 & ML = installation problem

    Unfortunately it didn't help. I've installed this kext to my USB stick but same problem - system hangs with a black screen and monitor goes to sleep before installation screen appears.
  10. Hi! New big cat – old problems. I just tried to install ML on my Asus x58 P6T-Deluxe MB and loading from usb hangs before actual installer screen. I've tried PCIRootUID with no luck. Also I use "-v" and what I saw is quite similar to old 10.7.4 + x58 problem – hanging on the IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors. With 10.7.4 the solution to this problem is AppleACPIPlatform Rollback but I don't know how to apply it to ML install. My specs: Asus x58 P6T-Deluxe MB Core i7 - 920 GeForce GTX 260 I used ###### to create a USB-stick to install with.
  11. GTX 260 performance problem

    Thank you.
  12. GTX 260 performance problem

    Hi guys! The problem with my GTX 260 is that everything works great except of gaming performance (especially in WoW). On Windows WoW works very smooth but on my Hack it runs, but with lags. Can you please give me some advice on achieving full performance?