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  1. How on earth did you get it to work? I have tried myhack 3.1 without any success. I too have the 3D model but with the 2670 processor and i am on the A17 Bios. I have tried the StarbucksSteve method on the tonymacx86 forum but I get lost because there are 54 pages and everything is mashed up. The guides are of not much help because they are for installing Snow Leopard then upgrading to Lion with the use of Linux as an intermediary. Also he has the 2630 processor and the 550m graphics whereas I have the 2670 processor and the 555m graphics. I have tried the Mahesh method but all I mostly get is a USB non unique error and the furthest I have ever been is as far as the power off button screen. I even tried booting just the iAtkos L2 disc with the kernel flags recommended for my system and nothing. I have hackintoshed 3 netbooks before now and upgraded them to 10.6.8. It took a lot of research, but i did it. I accept and understand that in the hackintosh community you have to do the research, but I have hit a stumbling block I can't get over. Once I get the install disc or usb thumbdrive to install the OS I am pretty sure I am capable of sorting out the rest. Sorry if this sounds frantic but I have been trying for over a month now. I usually like to figure these things out for myself. So if anybody could help, I would really appreciate it.