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  1. @pcpaul hey man. I have AMD R9 285 and same exact problem. {censored}! I hope this can be resolve. Hello. Thanks for your answer. I have AMD R9 285 and I have same problem but... I copied AMDX4000 kext from yosemite to el capitan S/L/E I Booted UEFI your settings : "ATI FakeID=0x69391002, Video Ports=6, Load VBios=Enabled, Inject ATI=Enabled in Clover boot options. El capitan shows my R9 2XXX 2048 mb but no Acceleration. Then I tryed FakeID=0X6939 Video Ports=6, Load VBios=Enabled, Inject ATI=Enabled in clover boot options this time el capitan shows R9 285 but memory 7 MB How to set VRAM 2048 mb in clover ? I did not see VRAM settin in clover graphics options menu, Pls help me. Note: I did not use your config.pls for clover should I use ?
  2. I tried reboot. But it does not work. (When I started installer again My hdd seems empty)
  3. i have a problem chris. please help me. I successfully created my install media. (with your app of course) I typed the install. Installation is freezing When install %99.9 complete i mean OS X yosemite installer says "remaining about 1 second) what is wrong?
  4. I have MSI Z87G45. I have smiliar issue just like your system. MY system is rebboting after loadingg kexts. (on maverick and ML 10.8.5 my hack usb) how to patch your bios?
  5. Hello. please help me. my system: Core i7 Haswell 4770 MSI Z87G45 mainboard 16 gb ram nvidia gtx 770 gpu My MSI bios : SATA mode = AHCI intel virtualize tech - disabled Cpu state: C2 I made all instructions above guide. But my system could not reach installer screen. My system reboots after reading kexts. I caught last line boot process on USB: (I paused screen before reboot) Starting Darwin x86_x64 Boot Args: boot - uuid= 94adf 18bd - b52a - 34a3 - 9fd9 - 33ef0036d093 rd=**uuid -v -f dart=0 -v GraphicsEnabler=No why is this happening? What is wrong? note: chameleon showing: Vesa 3.0 14 mb (nvidia) on boot select screen. 14 mb ?? my gpu is not 14 mb ??
  6. Hello everyone. please help me I have: Core i7 4770 haswell CPU Nvidia GTX 760 MSI Z87G45 motherboard CRT monitor My GTX 760 connected VGA cable to monitor (using DVI to VGA adapter) I created OS X 10.8.5 bootable USB disk with my hack beta 8 I could not reach install screen. My system is rebooting after boot from USB. (I could not see Apple Logo) How can I do ? best regards