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  1. GT 730 causes blinking of the screen

    clockT, BTW I tried to connect my monitor via VGA (D-SUB) and the flickering disappeared, but there is no opacity and I started to get kernel panics sometimes... It seems that there is no solution...
  2. GT 730 causes blinking of the screen

    Hello. Sorry for necro this topic. I have the same issue as TS. I have Gigabyte GT 730 GDDR5 and my screen flickers for a second in some apps like Launchpad, Safari, phpStorm and others. I run macOS sierra 10.2.2. My monitor connected via DVI. Latest drivers from nVidia are installed. I tried changing mac model to 12.1 and others, tried ncpi=0x3000 (I have pci express 3.0), applied dsdt patch for my CPU(g3258), disabled IGPU in BIOS. No luck. I noticed that screen flickering occurs in GPU specific tasks such as graphic rendering in browser (for example, when a slider with large images slides). Has anyone found any solution? Many thanks!