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  1. Hey, Sorry for the delay. The laptop wasn't within immediate reach. I tried DSDT=null. Same deal as before. I've included a photo of my screen just before it shuts down. The boot flags are: -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 DSDT=null (Link to screen) I tried booting to an iAtkos L1 USB for {censored} and giggles. That part still works fine. I've also looked around the forum. It seems a lot of people are complaining about a similar "blank screen" but that seems to be for Nvidia cards only. Again, thanks for the help. Edit: I was wondering... Should/Can I just install Lion (iAtkos L1) and upgrade using the Mountain Lion dmg within Lion itself? I'll have to do a lot of purging from within the /S/L/E directory, right? Edit 2: Yes, the unchanged setup doesn't install to an MBR partition table. And the modified install errors out from within OsX. Edit 3: So yeah, I got the ML installer to boot using the ancient tradition of hit and trial. 1. I installed ye olde Lion on first (for MyHack) 2. Made a MyHack install. Saw it crash promptly on the next boot. 3. Replaced the Extra folder in the USB with the i3 Extra in the attachment above. Also put the two kexts mentioned separately above into the /S/L/E directory on the USB drive. 4. Installed and rebooted to installer. Copied the two kexts to the /S/L/E on / 5. Deleted the default myHack Extra on / directory and replaced it with the i3 Extra from the attachment. 6. It's working now. Except for the Battery indicator. Also, Contacts and Reminders seem to error. And there're some weird graphical glitches. You getting any of this?
  2. Hey, Great work as usual. I wish you applause and comely women. Just one thing; I created an install medium using this post and your other post with the generic instructions. I believe it's worked since I can boot into the OsX installer on an HP laptop. However, whenever I try to boot into the z370, the screen goes blank sometime after "DSMOS has arrived". I then have to reboot and repeat the entire process. I've tried using the 'Extra' folder from your attachment as well as every kernel flag Chameleon supports. Any idea what might be happening? Again, thanks.
  3. Hey... I have a Lenovo z370 myself and first of all, thanks for this guide. This was my first Osx86 install and I would've sacrificed more goats over copper bowls than absolutely necessary if I hadn't come across this. I started from an iAtkos L1 install and barring a few minor changes, this worked as advertised. I also did a little more searching and I can suggest the following: 1. Wifi Got it to connect to a WPA2 AES network just fine using this kext here. 2. smbios.plist Like you said, entirely possible to edit from the terminal. Boot into single user mode and edit using nano. 3. Misc. Kexts Someone with a Lenovo B570 (with a very similar config to the z370) got a successful install and was kind enough to upload his kext config here. Plugged in some of the holes and is worth taking a look at. Now for the fine print. 1. Sleep The laptop becomes non responsive after closing the lid. Apparently Lion doesn't allow you to change lid close sleep behaviour either. The solutions available are for proprietary Macs only, so I don't know if I should try those. 2. Kernel Panics I've been getting lots. Usually within 15 minutes of turning the laptop on. The problem disappears by booting into safe mode, and on the subsequent normal boot. I guess this might make it a problem with one of the kexts, but I can't pinpoint which one. (Let me know if you're going through something similar?) I'm going to try the Combo update to 10.7.3 in sometime. Lets see if I manage to get through it without anything exploding.