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    OpenCore Discussion

  2. Well it took a few months, but this one is done. Here's the gear: Case Labs MH-10 with 68mm Extended Top, optional 4x120 radiator side mount EVGA Classifed SR-2 Motherboard EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked Intel Xeon X5690 x 2 at 4.266 GHz 24 GB Corsair Dominator RAM Sony Blu-Ray/DVD 4x Vertex 3 128 GB Drives 4x Hitachi 2 GB drives 4x Western Digital 2 GB Drives ATTO H608 SAS Host Bus Adapter Seasonic Platinum X1000 PSU Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 Controller Aquacomputer PowerAdjust 2 x 3 Fan controllers 16x Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans 3x NoiseBlocker BlackSilent PL-2 fans 3 x Alphacool XT45 Nexxxos Full Copper 480 radiators 1 x AlphaCool ST30 Nexxxos Full Copper 480 radiator Swiftech MCCP35x2 pumps x 2 Watercool GTX 680 block EK SR-2 MB Block EK Supremacy CPU block x 2 Bitspower fittings Quick Disconnects by Koolance Sleeving: MDPC-X Black, Titanium Gray, and Color-X More pics....
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    Clover General discussion

    Thanks Maniac10
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    Clover General discussion

    I get a Memory Slot Utility error with most recent versions of Clover. The problem went away somewhere before r1208 (works), but resurfaced somewhere around 1212 (does not work). Is that a change in SMI? I'm using Clover with legacy boot for an EVGA SR-2, 2 processors, all 12 memory slots fully populated. Or is it related to the "malformed smbioses" fixes in revision 1199 with all the changes in /rEFIt_UEFI/Platform/smbios.c ? I can't see any revisions to this after 1208...Well know that I know where to look I'll look at it more closely.
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    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    Thanks all for MacMod of the year, I'm really honored. Now personally I think that award should have gone to PunkNugget for "Hackinbeast", but I guess he left himself out of the running as moderator.
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    The Winner for the month of October 2012 is...

    Well thanks Punk. Still fiddling with plans for my next build.
  7. Anyone able to get sleep working with 10.8.2....or is it just me?
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    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    LOL, actually the next build is "42"
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    [Completed Build] Deep Thought

    Thanks Guys! Already planning my next build...
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    [SOLVED] SR-2 help... various issues

    The machine does have great potential, because of the ability to overclock the 55/5600 Xeons, it still can beat out the current Xeon dual processor builds. The epic cutting-edge thread for this motherboard was here on insanelymac...http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=233891 I outlined getting the SR-2 up and running with Lion at another site... http://www.tonymacx86.com/user-builds/50792-deep-thought-water-cooled-evga-sr-2-dual-xeon-5690-gtx-580-a.html You need to apply the CMOS reset fix to AppleRTC.kext... For Mountain Lion 10.8.0 it's sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x75\x30\x89\xd8|\xeb\x30\x89\xd8|' /System/Library/Extensions/AppleRTC.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleRTC