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  1. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Okay, I will purchase an ethernet card soon and continue. Till then, I'll manage with this almost working hackintosh. rlf, YOU SIR ARE A GENIUS! Thanks a lot for adopting a patient approach and answering all my stupid queries. Without your efforts, I wouldn't even have been able to boot the Installation disk !
  2. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    This issue would generally occur when I am doing something, For eg: I was trying to download a wallpaper(as you could see above).
  3. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Yes, I installed the old driver for wireless. So, could that be causing the problem?
  4. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Here is a picture of a random kernel panic I just had:
  5. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    1. App Store; Hmm, Any suggestions for a decent ethernet card that will let me run the app store flawlessly? 2. Kernel Panics: I'll post a picture here as soon as I come across a kernel Panic.
  6. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    And finally, PS/2 Mouse Works! Now, Only Issues that remain are: 1. Mac Appstore 2. Random kernel panics while OS is running.
  7. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    After entering the password after the 3rd command, I got this: chown: PSMouse.kext: No such file or directory
  8. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    On the first Reboot I was welcomed by a kernel Panic while it booted normally the second time. PS/2 Mouse is still not working. Idk, somewhere in verbose mode where the code is running across a black screen, I saw a message PS2Mouse.kext (or something similar, don't know exactly) could not be loaded and there was an error message in a bracket.
  9. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Sound Works! (Had been dying to hear that click sound ) PS/2 Keyboard - Works PS/2 Mouse - Doesn't Work :/
  10. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Should I install all these kexts at once or do the sound first, then reboot and then do the PS/2 ones?
  11. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    I see three options here: 1. Internal Speakers (Built-in) 2. Headphones (Headphone port) 3. Digital Out (Optical digital-out port) Out of these, I can choose settings for first two but when I select Digital Out it shows "The selected device has no output controls".
  12. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Sound still doesn't work, though I am able to adjust volume control at the menu bar now. Also I wasn't able to see any audio devices in Sound settings earlier, Now can do so. And strangely, My PS/2 mouse started to work again after I booted Windows 7.
  13. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Yes, I used kext wizard to install the kexts then selected repair permissions and rebuild cache of S/L/E.
  14. [Solved]Weird Black screen issue[Solved]

    Installing these kexts didn't work, Infact my PS/2 mouse stopped working after applying these kexts, IDK why. In order to fix it, I used the PS/2 kexts you mentioned above and yet again, It didn't work. :/