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  1. Hi, My goal is to have an external HDD which i can plug into the mac and boot windows 7 from, I have cloned (using winclone) my current bootcamp partition and restored it to a partition on the new external drive (the purpose of this is to save space by deleting the internal drive partition). However, when I choose to boot the windows partition from the rEFIt boot screen I get the darwin chimera bootloader in windows that only allows me to choose from the Macintosh HD and the Bootcamp partition on the internal drive could somebody help to rectify this or give me another way to achieve this. thank you
  2. Lion on Acer Aspire One D250

    Hi, I have a acer aspire one d250 and want to install lion on it, I have used many options but with little or no luck the closest I have come is mounting the InstallESD.dmg onto my external HDD and then using netbookinstaller to make it bootable, this works and boots however it just stays on the apple logo with no spinning wheel. I have a macbook pro I dont want to use a bootable cd as no cd drive on acer aspire one - want to use bootable usb can use snow leopard if necessary Could someone assist me please Thank you in advance