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  1. Ati HD3650 in Snow Leopard, someone had success?

    The comment about the password relates to the OS X snow leopard login window! Attention: DO NOT install this driver to Snow Leopard (10.6.x). It will render your system inaccessible (Snow Leopard automatically goes back to the login screen after login). You must then recover your system to a previous state.
  2. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    jas 10.5 server on a modded dell sc440: - did not use the embedded driver from jas (when selected, installation would halt on the very end, could not be verified ) - using: Sapphire HD 3650, PCI-E, 256MB DDR2/1GB HM after installation i went into system/library/extensions - deleted every file with ATI*** used pacifist to install only 3650 from your file after reboot, in extensions there is only - ATIRaedonX2000.kext and ATIRaedonX2000GLDriver.bundle - quartz GL supported - extreme not supported (on the client version of kalyway 10.5.2, after installing the entire driver package without any prior deletion extreme is supported)