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  1. Been doing some reading on using TRIM on SSDs under OSX. Now i notice that my wife's Air has TRIM enabled on its SSD, but my fresh install of Lion on my MBP with a Patriot Pyro2 hasnt enabled TRIM, and my 10.7 Hackintosh with a Crucial M4 doesnt use TRIM. There is a school of thought which says that HFS is natively better than NTFS and hence needs less garbage collection and therefore doesnt need TRIM, but then that doesnt always make sense as I commonly delete files. Any consensus on here for the use of TRIM under Lion?
  2. Any way to get crossfire support?

    I am running 2x6870s in Crossfire on my Lion install. I didnt have to do anything tricky with it, just GraphicsEnabler=Yes, and it "Just worked"
  3. One of the annoyances with my Lion Hackintosh is that at boot time the machine doesnt "wake up" all 3 monitors. I have 2 connected to DVI/HDMI (1 each) ports with the 3rd on a DP. It clearly detects the display as i can mouse over to it and drag windows onto it even though its asleep (monitor power saving), and the monitor wakes up at BIOS time as it is used by the GFX for display then. But only sleeps after OSx86 has booted. If i unplug and replug in the DP connector it brings up all 3 bright as day and will continue like that until a reboot. Any ideas on how to get it to wake up the third monitor at boot time?
  4. Trying to get full functionality on my Lion install, and ive come across a bit of a problem. Im using both a Cyborg RAT7 and a Magic Trackpad alongside each other, as i tend to use each for different tasks. However it seems that the Cyborg driver doesnt play nicely with the trackpad. So the scenario plays out as follows: No Cyborg driver = Cyborg thinks its always holding a button down and doesnt do mouseovers properly (documented bug without drivers) Cyborg driver = Trackpad loses ability to do multitouch for some strange reason, still does single touch properly USBOverdrive = Pairing with trackpad doesnt work properly, only works intermittently. Any suggestions on where to go with it (other than throwing it out the window )
  5. Any recommendations for a triple head gfx card?

    I have a 6870 on my Lion install, and it runs 1x DVI, 1xHDMI and 1x DP almost flawlessly. I say almost because it doesnt bring the DP out of power saving on boot, and i have to unplug and replug it to be recognised.