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  1. thanks for your answer. I have a fractal design arc midi with a single frontal usb port near the power button. I had it connected in the bottom-left connector. now I moved it to the header near RAM slots and no error so far. looks like those usb ports are not so passive!
  2. hello, I have the same motherboard and I am getting this. Last time I got this error about a week ago, disconnected and riconnected sata cables and disappeared for a week. today it came back and I am thinking about RMA this motherboard and getting a different model. have you solved it?
  3. is there any way to get audio out in hdmi or mini displayport with this laptop?
  4. hello, thanks for your answer; what antenna configuration do you use? each card gets one antenna? I have a full size atheros so I can keep intel in primary slot (I don't have wwan or dvb card so full-height slot was free). I get less brightness than in windows, I realized that today in a sunny place where I could use windows without issues and with osx I have to keep the screen in a vertical position (no big deal btw). what's the faster way to get A06? installing a windows or maybe I can use a bootable linux distro or freedos? You are right, home and end keys are working in osx way that is different than windows or linux way. so it is not a kext or keyboard issue, just I'm not used to it. I have an l502x with i7 2630qm, 6gb ram, 60gb ssd, fullhd display. iatkos l1 chimera bootloader, kext is l702x from your installer. should I try applehda?
  5. also what's the best bios for use with osx? sleep is not working, should I get A06? and how do I get good screen colors (they look "washed") and full brightness? I solved wifi issue with an atheros card I had but now I'm without bluetooth, do you solve this with a small usb bluetooth key or do you use one antenna for intel card and one for atheros/broadcom?
  6. thank you. I have found another problem: home and end keys are not working correcly (they scroll the page instead of reaching top and bottom of current line). what's the easiest way to change this behiavour? thanks guys
  7. Hello, sorry I read the last few pages but I missed that. Maybe if you edit your page 6 guide someone will not reinstall osx 6 times like I did, I couldn't give up huge thanks to you, osx on this laptop is awesome!!! where can I find battery kexts to install with kext wizard? thanks again!! another problem: on youtube, with chrome, I get audio from videos about 1 time every 5. any advice?
  8. hi, I reinstalled osx about 5 or 6 times and I found the offending package! If I load battery kext my installation breaks with message Unable to find driver for platform: "ACPI" any idea? battery indicator is the only thing missing now. I am running 10.7.4 of course
  9. yes I'm writing from a macbook air; what's the procedure?
  10. Hi, I am trying again. iatkos l2 installs fine, but to get it booting I have to boot in terminal and delete AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext then I run doix's package but when I install anything (tried only fullhd display support and nothing else) I get this on boot Unable to find driver for this platform: "ACPI" any advice? thanks
  11. Hi, thank you for the answer, I've got mostly problems with usb3 (but I read in last pages it is common and non-fixable), no battery status indication, then I don't remember cause I tried about a month ago, but if you say page 6 guide is OK I can try again tonight. What about installing 10.7.4 directly? is iatkos l2 ok for this computer? thank you!
  12. Hello, I am a new user here. I own an l502x (and a macbook air 11, and will buy an ivy bridge hackintosh soon), I tried the guide at page 6 but I've got bad results. If I want to try again what are the correct steps? Is that the most updated guide or there is a simpler-shorter way?