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  1. Anything that brings you towards an understanding of the issue,

    and develop an Intuition what can/should be done and how it works.

    OSX has a clear and beautiful inner Design like the Desktop Candy.

    Thats the hackintoshing fun

    ..well, at least for me, but looking at this forum and similiar, I think I'm not alone :-)

  2. yeah, the tutorial looks messy but actually its an easy procedure.

    had the same thoughts and waited until I absolutely needed it :-)

    The most important part is the perl script (ati-personality.pl) that gives your the offsets of your GraphicsCard-Personality in the Atix000Controller.kext.

    Just run it and find the personality offset (You'll need the xcode command-line tools for the script to work.)

    And than all you have to do is change the bytes with a hex-editor.

    Maybe you can find the right bytes for your card already posted somewhere.

  3. After the Installation the fix permissions tip is what worked well here (with an ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU 1GB)


    The Installation was possible by either:

    *removing the ATI6000Controler, from the install. AND inserting the ATIRadeon3000.kext from the DP3

    *applying the personality patch to the ATI6000Controller.kext so that display port and all other work

    for both *-options booting with GraphicsEnabler=No was required