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  1. that's cheating :-) downloaded and installed the 9.2 sleep kernel from 10.5 channel. works now...
  2. @commander Waffle will you tell us if your rollback to 10.5.3 was working? and what you did?
  3. Hi, I have same issue (ish). Since I used Kalyways 10.5.3 comboupdate, I can only boot when typing "update" at the F8 darwin prompt. A "normal" boot or just -f -v -x whatever causes the machine to reboot as soon as darwin starts. (No UI nothing) I ran software update to 10.5.4 still same. any ideas?
  4. Update to Kalyway's 10.5.3 was sucessful-ish... installed combo-update and kalyway vanilla kernel then rebooted used update -v , rebooted now unless I type "update" after hitting F8, my system will reboot as soon as darwin is starting. No GUI at all. I can add -v -f -x without "update", but despite more info on the screen the reboot happens at the same time. haven't managed to google up a solution. I want to get this solved before applying 10.5.4 via software update. Ta
  5. ralink rt2860 driver installation

    try grabbing the newer drivers from the .tw site. http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/Home/Support/Macintosh.html
  6. Ralink RT2600 (RT61) PCI Wireless Card

    try the new ones from the .tw site.. http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/Home/Support/Macintosh.html
  7. Hi, Ralinktech has a new OS X drivers out... http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/Home/Support/Macintosh.html. This fixed the replug problem for my RT73... (after removing the old driver/replug kext) Daz
  8. update... my noname USB adaptor (with Ralink 73 chipset) now seems to work. After installing a few other apps. - I haven't seen any kernel panic on normal boot. The replug fix works rather unreliably. (I know its not Prasys' work). I almost always have to replug. @Nummon: have you tired unplugging the USB adaptor and replugging it?
  9. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    can't wait to get home and try. Manged to get over my grey screen with mouse cursor - another clean install fixed it. :-)
  10. Hi, I've installed it with my ToS Leo release and I get kernel panics on every boot unless I boot into safe mode. In safe mode it works like a treat. Any chance for a v0.16 that works with leo on every boot? Keep up the good work. /daz
  11. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    HI, Trying to install the ToH release on my P5B-E plus with Asus 1950Pro PCI-E. System is booting, but hangs at grey screen with mouse cursor. (NOT the grey screen with Apple logo) I can't see any obvious error when booting with -v. Btw, -x doesn't help, -s gets me into terminal alright. This makes me think the problem is with the ATI card / drivers.. Any ideas - similar problems anyone? Edit: ok, I played with the Jcool package a bit and now I can see a short blue screen before it all turns grey. And no its not the blinking cursor screen - its a grey scereen with an mouse pointer. Daz
  12. Hi, got the ToH release installed on my Asus P5B-E Plus and it boots - well sort off. It starts booting, I'll get to the Apple screen and then it switches to another grey screen with a cursor and it sits there forever... Anyone with similar problem? edir: i did run the fixboot script no change... When booting with -v I can't spot anything just before the screen changes to the grey one. Running a ATI 1950Pro card.. maybe thats the issue? It boots into terminal with -s. Any tips appreciated. am searching all sorts of forums - but couldn't find much.. /Daz
  13. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    Thanks Bronya. i saw that very same post, but was not sure it would override your drivers....
  14. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    I use your driver package. But I think I saw on one of your screenshots that you have the ATi control panel. And I just wonder how you installed this... I also saw in the jcool thread a post where the ATI 1900 package was installed (for the control panel) I just don't want to ruin my running system by trying it this way.
  15. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    Hi Bronya, after a bit of fiddling - its all good now. Thanks so much! Me using ASUS 1950 Pro 356MB PCIe. one last thing. how do I get the ATI control panel installed.. in the jcool threat about the 1950xt is a post about a hacked install, but do I need to stick to a particular order and are the same steps needed ? /Daz