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  1. Jas 10.4.8 VirtualBox

    Hello, I am trying to install Jas 10.4.8 in Oracle VirtualBox. I have had no luck getting it to boot so far. Virtual config: Boot devices: 5.97GB Hard Drive and A DVD of Jas 512MB RAM (had to set to 513MB as was only recognized as 511MB) what is the full config i should use to get it to boot. I am getting this "hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000 PAE enabled enabling INTEL features ....... Got boot device Blahdy bhlady blah BSD root: disk1s3, major 14, minor 3" and it ends there what does that mean and what can I do? Many thanks in advance< james
  2. PearPC Mac 10.3

    Hi I am trying to install OSX10.3 to my windows pc via PearPC. I have an iso of the disc and when placed into pearpc it boots, the only problem is that it gets to the apple logo with spinning "gear" at the bottom for about 5mins then the apple logo switches to a (\) (circle with line through it).The setup should be ok.. Host: Pentium 4HT 2.8Ghz, 1GB Ram,80+250GB hd's,Intel 829GL Graphics. Virtual Specs: G3 cpu, 512mb ram, 3GB hd, osx install dvd Help please, James