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  1. G5 mod - CLEAN - airflow question

    Hey, bonestonne. Thanks for your nice explanation but unfortunately I finished the raw construction before I read your reply... I used two 140mm fans in the front and two 92mm fans in the rear. I think I will use them with low rpm... I'll post pictures after finishing the power cord extender (as the PSU is placed in the top section and I want the cable to be plugged in at the bottom). Just need to get the parts and I'm back. My system will be something like this: 2600k, Gigabyte UD3H-B3, Thermalright Silver Arrow, Gainward GTX 560 TI, 32GB RAM, a 630 WATT PSU from BeQuiet and a SSD and HDD (with place to expand). I hope these parts are of enough quality to get good cooling and good airflow. Anyways, I'll post pictures in a couple of days.
  2. G5 mod - CLEAN - airflow question

    Hmm, sounds reasonable to me. I just forgot about the main part: temperature. Maybe I'll just do the left to right design. Bottom top would work with good temps if I would add another intake at the left, wouldn't it? But there goes my money again... So I'll probably stick with the standard design. Any other opinion someone?
  3. Hey guys. Im currently working on my G5 mod and just completed the hard part - I have cut the rear and placed my tray in it by using the original G5 fan mesh. It looks clean to me, I will post pictures when the raw construction is over. I have ordered some fans and the PSU yesterday and I'm not sure about the airflow that I want... I have two ideas and would be very happy if you could guide me to the best alternative: 1: From bottom to top This design is all about positive air pressure. All fans are intake, which means that the amount of dust entering the case is more control able, isn't it? Heat is also rising and I hope the airflow will benefit from this design... What do you think? Bad idea? Why? 2: From left to right (standard?) I see this kind of design in almost every G5 mod and there might be a very good reason for that. Is this deign better than my thoughts above? Will the amount of positive air pressure be enough to keep most dust outside? Thanks!
  4. Hello G5 Modding-Folks! I have a question that is rather important for me, as I'm planning to mod a G5 myself soon. It's about the cable management inside a G5 with the use of a motherboard tray (in my case a Silverstone-TJ07-tray). Is the space that is created by the original G5 standoffs (I want to use them to secure the tray in place) enough to rout all the cables under it (PSU-cables in addition to the SATA-cables)??? I don't have access to a standard ATX PSU and thus can't test the thickness of the cables... However I have already seen Mods that use this kind of cable management but I don't know if they might have used additional spacing to accommodate their cable management. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Greetings.
  5. G5 ATX mod with a twist

    Very clean and nice indeed. I will try to adopt this look to my own mod soon, however I'm going to add a HDD cage (LianLi-3-Bay) and 2 font intake fans. There is a question that I would be happy to get an answer from you or someone else: Did you hide your (PSU- and other) cables beneath the motherboard tray? Im wondering if that is possible at all. I never had a standard ATX PSU in my hands and don't know whether the thick looking cables will fit between the space thats created from the original G5 stand offs (I read somewhere that it's about 13 mm)...