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  1. HI guys, Thanks to crazybird's new method, I was able to get QE/CI on my Ati Mobility Radeon 5145 using ATY_init for 4570. Note that 5145 is just a rename of 4570, only slightly higher and i tried the actual 5145 ATY_init but it gave me the black & white distorted screen. If i just use chameleons bootloader w/ GraphicsEnabler=Yes, it always gives me the device pci-1 hang up even w/ my compiled chameleon boot loader (adding my device on ati_c), results still the same. So ATY_init worked for me. Have the green apple when on translucent bar and the rippling effect when adding widgets. My only problem is i couldn't stream videos online. Running on 64 mode(-force 64 arch=i386), Safari will crash when I try to play video ads on Apple site. On Youtube, it plays but really fast, thus it gets distorted. It's not much but I have 6 mpbs Internet connection, and I'm pretty sure that's enough for streaming especially on YouTube like back in Windows. Besides, I see the video already loaded completely but it's still saying buffering or sometimes it plays but in slow motion.lol. Here's what I've tried: 1. Booted w/ only arch=i386, Apple video ads won't crash anymore but still distorted, same on Youtube (Safari, firefox, Opera). 2. Opted out of HTML5 so all browsers will use Adobe flash plugin, same distorted results 3. Unchecked graphics acceleration on the flash plugin settings (which shouldn't be the case coz my graphics is supposed to be working), same results. 4. Downgraded my flash player coz I read that Safari users had this problem before and downgrading flash solved it, however, same results. So if someone could please clarify this for me. Is it because of the framebuffer or not related at all? I'm still experimenting on how to make shrike work on my lappy. While doing that, just want to make sure that it is indeed the problem even though I have QE/CI now. Or is there something on my E/E folder that's causing that? I didn't want to delete any coz most of them were installed by default by Nawcom's Mod except w/ the kext with *. On my E/E: *AnyCardReader.kext AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext AtherosWifiInjector.kext *ElliotForceLegacyRTC.kext EvilAppleACPIPLatform.kext EvilIOPCIFamily.kext *Ev0reboot.kext fakesmc.kext IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext TotallyFixStillWaiting.kext VodooBattery.kext On S/L/E that I injected: VodooHDA Aty_init I'm running SL 10.6.8 and my specs is in my signature. I don't know much about graphics but here's what's in my system right now