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  1. Problem when connecting multiple monitors

    Do you know someone who could help me? i'm a newbie on this matter. Thanks
  2. I Everyone I have a i7 920 on a p6t se, with two different graphic cards, a Gt430 on the first slot(blue) and a Gt580 on the second slot(blue). The problem is that i have 3 monitors 1, 2 and 3: 1 is connected to the Gt580 by DVI in the top 2 is connected to the VGA on the Gt430 3 is connected to the other DVI on the Gt580. My situation now is that i have only two monitors working, one is the 1 connected to the Gt580, and the other is the 2 connected to the Gt430. In this setup when i try to put the monitor 3 in the other DVI on the Gt580, all the monitors connected to it, the 1 and 3, stop working, only the 2, Gt430, gives signal. For this i have GraphicsEnabler=Yes. When i change GraphicsEnabler=No the monitor 2 works until the OSX login like before but after that only the monitor 1 and 3 works. The Gt430, where the monitor 2 is connected, in not recognized correctly anymore, saying that the Gt430 is some general stuff, i haven't memorized what was saying, i hope someone can help i would really appreciate it. If is something missing please tell me. Thanks for your help i time spend reading this.
  3. Thank you so much is up and runing, finaly i have sound again. Can the first post have this informacions, to audio to work and a faster boot? Or At Least a informacion about the topic here you can find it?
  4. How do i install it? Sorry but i know now how to do it
  5. Mountain Lion 10.8.2

    Achas que este vais ser mais estável, eu com o 10.8.1 tive alguns problemas com o iPhoto e o Safari?
  6. Yes already on 10.8.2, just updated from the app.Store, and with the fast boot with the AppleACPIPlatform.kext v1.3.5. For the fast boot use the Kext utility and drop the kext: AppleACPIPlatform.kext v1.3.5 in to the app. AppleACPIPlatform.kext v1.3.5 http://www.insanelym...ttach_id=110236 Kext utility http://cvad-mac.naro....app.v2.5.1.zip Much more stable than the previous version Any one know who do i put the sound in my P6T SE Working? The OSX is the best of the world right now.
  7. 10.8.2 beta build 12c31a

    Ola bom dia Eu tenho agora o mountain lion 10.8. Como é que actualizo? Cumprimentos
  8. I have a 920 i7 on a P6T SE, but i'm not getting the audio to work. Does any one have it solved in a system like mine? Thanks
  9. Do you have the right "Install mac osx lion.app"?
  10. olá também sou português. i think the best way to update is: 1. Go to apple site and download de combo version of 10.7.3 . (i'm on a 10.7.0) 2. Run it and when it ask to restart, DON'T DO IT!!! 3. Run, in the lionize folder, a file named recrendae 4. Confirm the questions that can be made and CLOSE IT 5. Go back to the combo installation of mac 10.7.3, AND NOW YOU CAN RESTART 6. Finished
  11. I have a P6T SE with a 920 and a Gt 430, how can i install mountain lion on my machine? Can the Lionize be updated for Mountain Lion?