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    Atheros AR5005(G)

    Okay,one step further. When I get to the kextload of ArportAtheros5424.kext , I find that I'm "missing dependencies". Would it make sense to try a newer IO80211Family.kext than from version 10.4.5? JaS 10.4.8's didn't work obviously, or I wouldn't have tried going through the above process in the first place. The hardes part of all of this is with no Internet access, I need to keep booting back into XP to get necessary files as I find I need them (my wired Ethernet is 3Com 3C920, and I don't have that up and working at this point either). My Wifi card is a generic (Askey WLL4070) using the Atheros AR5006XS chip...any reports of folks getting that one working? Thanks guys for taking the time to help out someone whose under-the-hood knowledge of OS X isn't as good as he'd like. EDIT: I also tried Thang Bo's suggestions, using the 10.4.8 kext files (I have kept backups). This has not helped either. Neither network interface shows up in System Preferences>Network.
  2. LoneWolf15

    Atheros AR5005(G)

    Where does one obtain AirportAtheros5424.kext ? I'm running JaS 10.4.8 and it is not installed by default, and I've searched, but cannot find this file. I'm hoping that it will work with my Atheros AR5006XS card. EDIT: Okay, that was a dumb question. I didn't get that the AirPortAtheros5424.kext is a sub-component of the IO80211Family.kext . I followed the above and replaced 10.4.8's IO80211Family.kext file with the one from 10.4.5 and followed the above instructions, but this hasn't worked for me.
  3. LoneWolf15

    Question about partioning

    And he's absolutely right, it WILL erase your disk completely. Even if you lock the partitions you don't want erased, it will. I can say this knowing it has happened to my laptop. Fortunately, I have Symantec Ghost and Acronis TrueImage backups of my laptops hard drive --I made them as a just-in-case (anytime you play with file systems, it's risky), and I'm glad I did. I'm restoring at the moment, and once done, I'll format the empty space in Windows so a partition shows up in Disk Utility, and then try and reformat that partition in OS X Extended (Journaled), which is more likely to work, since empty space doesn't show up as a disk partition in Disk Utility, but an NTFS partition does.
  4. Just curious, is there a list of existing compatible cards out there? I'd love to see the Intel 2915ABG card working, but I'm considering a generic Atheros AR5006XS (AR5414 chipset) card to get SuperG compatibility (in addition to the extended range I've heard about and better battery life) on my Dell Latitude C640. I'm pretty sure the Atheros chip is compatible (after all, the Macbook Pros use an Atheros AR5008), I'm sure there are Broadcom chips compatible too (since the iMac uses Broadcom wireless), but I'd love to see a full compatibility list. EDIT: My Atheros AR5006XS card arrived. I'll be testing it in the next 24 hours with a new JaS 10.4.8 install.