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  1. Problem find: i hadn't any smbios.plist and org.chameleon.boot.plist (i was sure i have, but i was wrong) that mades cpu not being recognized by the Os and maybe is the problem. Now i only have to create that plists and hope all works
  2. I forgot to say that i think i don't really need to reinstal any kext after the update, all works from the dsdt, but altough i only have only the dsdt (without the kexts i have now) it freezes so i think i need another kext, and remove some of the ones that i have now. I've posted an attachment with my extra folder, with all i have there, if you could check it and tell me what kext doesn't fit my settings.. (also posted darwindumper report, for better support)
  3. i though darwindumper report was enough, sorry Hardware: hp 530 laptop -Intel core solo: 1,87ghz -Intel GMA945 -intel 10/100 ethernet card -broadcom bcm4311 -Kingston 2gb Ram -Conexant CX20549-12 (now with voodohda, thinking about applehda.kext cause i think it's compatible) All running with dsdt except audio
  4. I have installed 10.6.3 SL on my laptop, and i'm trying to update to 10.6.8, i have the combo update from apple webpage. I've done it before and it works well with the exception of the usb, installing comboupdate, and when it finish, before restarting, i repair permissions with kext wizard, and, as i said, the last time worked fine. The problem now is that the cpu turns to be very slow, and it freeze when loading everything (specially systempreferences or finder). I think i have extra kexts that i don't neede and causes it, or maybe i need an extra kext that i have no installed yet... In the attachment i've put extra folder, with the kexts and dsdt, and a darwindumper report, i'm using chameleon RC5, maybe i should update to a newest version or maybe to chimera (last time i was working with chimera, but now i have try after updating and continues freezing). Any idea about it or how to solve will be very helpful. Last question: ¿can i make a "restore point" as in windows, so if i update and it doesn't works, return or downgrade to the previous version i have in my laptop? Hack.zip
  5. Bootable SL Usb

    Ok, all done, i-ve make 4 partitions in a 32gb pendrive. Partition 1:bootloader chameleon (i need help to insert my dsdt and extra folder here if needed, cause right now i can´t boot the second partition (SL Retail DVD) Partition 2:SL Retail DVD, when i try to boot it it says: kernel match not found, i need help with these, don´t know if i have to modify the bootloader partition to solve it Partition 3:iatkos, the one that works well in most computer i´ve tried, so i´ve install it cause i can not instal the retail dvd Partition 4: dsdt and kext that i need, kext wizard and other i could need Any solution to my problem? i have running iatkos now but i prefer installing a clean version...
  6. Bootable SL Usb

    Yes, i'm asking now if someone can recommend me any virtualmachine that is easy to set up and from which y can do it i know how to make the usb installer, the problem is what virtual machine should i use, and, if possible which won't take more time to be set up than installing OSX in the computer.
  7. Bootable SL Usb

    Anyone? Maybe you know a guide about how to do it in the easier way, I'm thinking about copying the dvd and making a booteable with ultraiso (it's possible?) and editing the files that i need to put into the pendrive directly from windows... ¿will it work?
  8. Bootable SL Usb

    yes, good tutorial, but the problem i find is that i have no optical drive, and now i have no access to any kind of external drives, mac o others because i'm far from home, so the solutions of finding an external drive, a mac or other similars are not feasible, i have think about them before. What virtualmachine you recommend me, one that is easy to install and to setup it to make the bootable? running leopard or snow leopard, doesn't matter i think because disk utility (which i need) is the same app in both OS
  9. Bootable SL Usb

    yes, it's an option and i've thought about it but i'll need to install, configurate and setup the virtual machine, and i want (if possible) to spend the less time doing it. Thanks for the link, very helpfull, I'll follow it when i do it. That i was asking for is a guide to make it from windows only with a program, but it it's not possible i'll follow your advice and install a virtual machine.
  10. Bootable SL Usb

    I need to create a usb bootable to install Snow leopard, i have a SL retail dvd and the kexts (fakeSMC.kext, NullCPUmagnamente.kext) and a dsdt patched (i don't know if it works, but i also have kext for all i'll need). The fact is that i have any mac available at the moment, so the usual way of creating the bootable usb is not an option. I need a guide to create the usb from windows, with the bootloader (doesn't matter if is chameleon, ##### o anyone, the one that works better) and SL dvd (i have no optical drive, so i prefer to put all in the same pendrive) and also all the kexts that i have to install. I have been searching trough the internet a lot but i couldn't find any guide or tutorial where it's explained how to do it. Last time i do it with iatkos v7 and ddmac (which allows me to create the bootable from windows, but now i can't do it, it creates the booatable but it doesn't work on any computer, it stucks reading the pendrive without getting to the install menu) The important points are: -having bootloader, SL dvd, kexts and dsdt in the SAME pendrive (this is the most important thing) -creating it from windows (i don't have a mac available at the moment) -if possible a link to all files i'll need (basically files from bootloader, the others i have all ithink) -making it bootable from any kind of computer (i've find that some bootables i've made doesn't boot on some computers, maybe because of the bootloader) Hope you can help me, i've been trying it a lot but i haven't get it.
  11. Usb not working (and sleep problem)

    Yes, the point is that i don't know what files i should delete and if i can reinstall chimera from windows (the best will be to restore my system without changing anything but i don't know if i could do that)
  12. Usb not working (and sleep problem)

    nothing works, i've try everything. There's a way of booting the system with a chimera instaled on a usb? don't works... i have try to install from a usb the sl but also doesn't work...
  13. Usb not working (and sleep problem)

    anything, i will make a new install, hope there is a way of keeping all my app, configurations an everything i have (maybe installing without erasing partitions)
  14. Usb not working (and sleep problem)

    i use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and its option to install a user dsdt (that should be put into desktop) i tried to boot with that flag but it stucks on the next screen i think the best option is to erase the files from another computer an boot with the laptop but i don't know what i should erase
  15. Usb not working (and sleep problem)

    doesn't work, after boot screen a black screen is shown and nothing happens i can plug it to another computer to erase the files that i dont need ¿it's posible? i'm trying to boot from a usb and i can't, so i think maybe is the chimera bootloader