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  1. I followed the guide, to a point. I have not gone the extra mile to install Clover as my bootloader, yet... a little wary of that. Question I have is this... what's the safe way to upgrade the OS? My install went 10.8.2, and App Store is telling me that the following updates are available for my machine: iTunes 11.0.2 (I assume this one should be relatively safe?) OS X Update 10.8.3 (this one I am afraid of...) Airport Utility (also, should be okay, right? or will it mess with my wifi? I bought a Broadcom-based wifi card, so I have wifi working inside my machine) MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0 (really unsure what this does, but it mentions graphics, which seem to be a sticking point with this laptop) Any advice as to what is safe to update and what I should avoid, or the best method to go about doing said upgrades, would be greatly appreciated! Dell Inspiron 17" 7720 SE, 8GB RAM, 250GB HD (in second HD bay) running 10.8.2