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  1. as per title... really pissed off... its a 3GS. I dont have mobile me or any other tracking services... does anyone have an idea how I could recover it? My carrier doesnt seem to help at all, they just said to do all police paperwork and locking request to the other carriers in my country. Does jailbreaking change the IMEI? in the future if the jailbreak gets broken/restored to factory default, would I be able to track it then? I figure whoever robbed it will try to sell it as it was stolen from inside the company, so whoever did obviously wouldn't come in with it... anyone have any idea what I could do?
  2. Thanks for the response. I found this info about my BIOS, it seems not to use regular BIOS, but UEFI. Dont have a clue what that is, but given this info, what would happen if I tried to update EFI from system update. Mind you, I would never try this! Just curious of the theory behind it. taken from http://marcansoft.com/blog/2009/06/enablin...e-aspire-8930g/
  3. Hi ! System Update is asking em to update Macbook Pro EFI Firmware... What would happen if I did? Should I? can it damage my laptop ?
  4. How to get mac on acer 6935g

    http://www.infinitemac.com/f19/guide-w-pho...g-iatkos-t3357/ Cheers!
  5. Well, this is my third install of SL, the first time round I got audio perfect, except internal mic, but external worked!! finally! Had a faulty drive and had to start over. Now I dont use dsdt and the system is much stabler, in fact, seems rock solid! Got everything to work, 9600m gt, ICH9-m, ps2 etc... but no audio! Trying everything there is. The stranger thing in that during install, when formatting in disk utilities, I decided to check system profiler as I'd never thought of doing during USB install boot... and audio had all ports there, mic, spdif etc... now only just Device ID: 0x10250146 I have removed AppleHDA from S/L/E ... What to do? Should I copy dsdt.aml to root? I'd rather not since I suspect some KP's were from it on past installs, but my Leo is running pretty nice with it. So far SL is WOW fast without.
  6. I cant open the link, 404 not found Please, anyone? takes 2 minutes...
  7. Hi... the link doesnt seem to be working? Anyone mind zipping these up and PM'ing me? Is that allowed? I hope I'm not breaking any rules...
  8. Acer 8930

    check out this thread, sure helped me !! http ://www.infinitemac.com/f19/guide-w-pho...-iatkos-t3357/
  9. How to get mac on acer 6935g

    Hey there!! I have the same, except mine is p8600 2,4mhz Fantastic laptop !! Inever ever ever ever thought I'd ever ever ever buy and ACER But this is one HOT laptop !! hehehe Anyways, been messing with SL, but I'm in for 10.5.7. Going with iATKOS v7. Will post results later (still have to DL it first) Anyways, everyone with the same laptop, drop in here and say hi ! If we stick together we will be happier sapiens. cheerios!
  10. Kitty is finally out :)

    What about Chameleon 2 ?
  11. Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    I find it inadmissable that Win7 64 behaves differently to 32... In 64, perfect base install with 100% supported drivers + fully updated... the OS reacts differently to 32 bit. Programs refuse to pin to taskbar, but are ok in 32. WHY ?! Grab a window and move it really quick and it feels like you see the screen refresh at 5 fps. On wake up, I had a coupple app hang on me. Widgets are a joke compared to OSx. The aero thing is really hyped up, but it an OSx knock-off, some things are really cool though (love the drag-window-to-side thing) Look, dont get me wrong. Win 7 really feels like a sturdy XP (32 bit... 64 is not rockin' here....) I am just saying that in regular use, speed, slickness, effectiveness and efficiency... Last years's Leo is better that Win 7 ! What is it about 7 that everyone is on about?! What is there that is really new and usefull about Windows ?! Did ANYONE see the WWDC keynote ? I am not talking about the speed to calculate Pi to the 100th decimal number. I am talking about real life! Windows 7 has a nice new look I'll give it that. What is special about Windows 7 that doesn't exist in XP ?
  12. Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    Ok, let me explain further my view. For one, hats off to M$ for building software that can be tailor tweaked for any application, from heavy duty iron melting industries to home based accounting. I've been using M$ since DOS 3.1. Had Amiga's, Atari's, IBM's, never ever had a Mac. Saw a Classic once, and hated it, looked alien. Couldn't grasp the GUI. Overpriced, ugly, extremely limited end user spectrum of application. Apple was a renegade, outcast familiy of hardware and software. Since forever I've been used (and love) to go under the hood to take a peak, albeit I have no Linux/programming skills. But tweak, mods, configs, crakin' and wackin' around until I grasp thinks is something I adore. Two years ago I was "forced" to switch to Mac due to a carrer change. And behold, a like Plato came out of a cave, I entered the heavens of simple, direct, efficient GUI (to start off with). This is when I first arrived here, as I could not afford Macbook Pro Within TWO days I had all my documents efficiently organized, fotos, music library, contacts, cellphone (I have a Nokia which forever was a PAIN to sync in XP) bla bla... So never touched Vista! Heard all the storied, yes I saw it around, ugly as hell... so I stayed with my sig machine. By the way, it really really REALLY felt like I had bought a Macbook, not because of the screen, but the PERFORMANCE ! oh my... And let me tell you, when I install any XP for myself, I go through a 2,-5 HOUR tweaking bonanza to squeaze every service out the way, gain performance, maximize ram usage, optimize pagefiling, registry and page more stuff. Out of the box, same machine, same software (in some cases) and I laughed myself silly. I got a sweet (almost porn) deal on a fantastic laptop 3 weeks ago that came with Vista Home Premium 32. Its an C2D P8400 2,4ghz 1066 fsb 4GB dual ddr3, NVidia 9600m GT GDDR3 !!! Check my signiture and compare with my hacky. Went out a bought a seagate 7,200 rpm with 16mb cache SATA to keep the warranty install and try out Win7 since its rc1. Anyways, had Vista 2 weeks, 1 week Win7_32rc1 and 1 week Win7_64rc1. I felt I had to start learning how to meander through the new OS, although all the functions are the same, some new, everything is reorganized and I find it really hard to go some places twice. Performance SUCKS... GUI wise. and please do NOT say its because or it being RC. It is not a smooth OS. Basic install is again a PAIN and 20 million thing I do not need are up and running. Feels half the machine. General usage is still MILES smoother in my hacky. Had a chance to try some heavy duty stuff. On a side note, GTAIV runs at a smooth 30fps almost all high, so the machine IS rockin'. I benchmarked everything to check for consistancy, only had to update my BIOS to take full clockage of my memories. Even still; Win 32 vs 64 .... there si a huge difference. 32 really feels like a sturdy XP so far, although I find 7 to be annoying as hell because you finish setting up everything about a weeks later (from backgrounds to user control settings, etc). Win 64 is {censored}!!!!!!!!!!!! bugs, firefox hangs on wake, drivers ... uuuuuuug !! Withing 1 week of heavy Win7 32 bit testing, installing everything in sight, I really felt the "growing wondows belly" syndrome, and you feel the OS having to weight-push itself around. It feels like I hacked a PPC to run a virtualized crippled Windows hahahaha 1 year of monstrous Leopard abuse and my system boots up like clockwork. No optimizations, no tweaking (except for *cof* the educational install on x86 machine) and the system is wonderfully light, responsive, efficient AND effective. Windows is neither. Efficient nor effective... I could go on for hours... please stop me !! Eveyone knows this, this is soooo cliché, so soon, already... Why the heck did I just spend so much time explaining what 99,9999% of people found out for themselves, right here? Why ARE you here? Sorry... about the rant. To get back to topic. Leopard is way better that Win7, so Snow Leo will shame Windows 7, I know this already first hand how obvious this is. Try it yourself, its a free legal download lol. If you go technical down to the code used... I have no grounds to say, but if they say Win7 is more advanced... ok, I'll buy that. Burning petrol is more advanced than solar energy, so lets stick with that, shall we?
  13. Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    This guy that wrote this clearly never used a Mac. These days, comparing OSx with Windows is like comparing a digital calculator with an abbacus. Mac does it right from the drawing board, Windows fails time and time again. There was a time that the plasticity of the Windows platform was great in setting up custom solutions for highly specific apps... still does and Apple is certainly catching up, but from a consumer stand point... geez !! My hackintoshes (10.4 all the way up to 10.5.6) have always been miles better that with XP. I am trying Windows 7. Had 32bit, now with 64 and I cannot wait for Snow to dump mirosoft again (bought new laptop 3 weeks ago) - It is absolutely shameful how bad it it, and I am not talking about bugs in development. Win7 is NOT overhauled, better slicker... it is just yuk to "drive".
  14. XP drive hates my OSX drive?

    I had the same issue, and it might happen again to you too. And it did happen to me with macdrive already installed !! Try the followig, when it happens again, reboot into OSX and repair permissions. Reboot into XP and it should be ok. Works for me...
  15. Cubase for Mac Os

    Bingo ! It worked like a charm! Thanks! Now, for the second challenge... how to get Nundo/Cubase to grab your audiocard? I kind of didi it but I'm running further tests. First set up my Fireface 800 as system's audio device in prefernces, because in Nuendo it only seems to find the ASIO drivers. But when I try to touch the settings it's been crashing... Appart from that, its all there, plugins and all.