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  1. SUCCESS 6650M on Acer Aspire 7750G working on internal LVDS with QE/CI enabled Big thanks to those masters that helped me to arrive here: bcc9, mucha, pentahex and special big thanks to trucker and bux booga. Fisrt I tried to use the DSDT provided by box booga, After a KP solved by backupping VoodooHDA kext and deleting it, I began to make tests trying different approaches with GE=Yes, boot provided by trucker, ATY Init from Pentahex, the different versions of ATI6000controllers. At the end i was so confused and the system so unstable that i decided to begin again. I think that many of the problems could be caused by incompatibilities between bux's DSDT and the kexts that i had previously installed. I restored a clean 10.7.3 image and decided to extract a new DSDT and compile it applying the bux booga patch (changing from Osmunda to Ipomoea). It was hard to eliminate the compilation errors and warnings but with the help of my friend Google, i was able to do it. The result, i had exactly the same problems than before: occasional good starts but most of the times black or garbled screens. Then i decided to change the connector info for LVDS. I had installed the trucker provided boot and ATI6000 controller next and attacked this last one with an hex editor (hex fiend) I located the numbers sequence of LVDS connector provided by trucker in a previous post and substituted it for the numbers sequence used by bux-booga. This was the magic trick. After this I have a perfect working, functional and graphically accelerated system. Note 1: I didn´t make any modification to the HDMI and VGA connector info but I have make some tests and I can have duplicated or extended screens with HDMI but not VGA (this last is not working). The only problem with the HDMI is that I can not get sound from it, but that is a problem for the future, not now, I think that I will not use normally the external video ports, perhaps occasionally to show photos at the TV. Note 2: Bux, I have not detected problems with distorted color, either with the LVDS, not the HDMI output.
  2. Hi all, first to thank Trucker, Bux Booga, Pentahex and all their predecessors, that have advanced so much in the 6650m issue. I have installed OSX in 3 PC,s: a desktop one (with nvidia graphics and Lion10. 7.3), a netbook (MSI Wind clone with Snow Leo) and one Acer Aspire laptop (7750G) 10.7.3. In the two first cases things were quick and without big problems but with the 7750G i have problems to enable QE/CI. When i boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, I have an usable system but without acceleration: no iphoto, no videos, .... When i boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes (Trucker kexts and boot) I get the same situation that Pentahex had (one in twenty perfect start and the rest black backlight on screens) or garbled screens with vertical lines pixel displacements, and the ocasional Kpanic. When i have bad screen starts, usually i can work from the desktop hacktingtosh, sharing the screen. I have the 7750G variant with the i5-2410m CPU and the 1G 6650m card. I have not tried the DSDT way because i don´t know how to get one for my laptop, but i have seen that my configuration and the Bux Booga´s one are simmilar. Bux, would you be so kind to post or pm me the DSDT file and a quick instruction about how to put it in place? thanks a lot luis