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  1. Clover General discussion

    I'm currently using two monitors connected with my HD 4600 (smbios imac 14,1) . If I turn one of the monitors off via its power switch (still connected to mobo) , the cursor on the other monitor becomes jerky. It becomes normal after I turn on the monitor again. Is there anything I can do since I don't use both my monitors all the time but do use them intermittently. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. My friend has also confirmed this problem with similar configuration (hd 4600 with two monitors). I have the Darwin Dumper output attached as per OP. Please let me know if any clarification would be helpful, thank you. DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_AMI_X64_3650_Cap_user.zip
  2. You can see how it jumps from 8 to 34 in your case and is missing a whole bunch in between. That is not how it should be (NOT normal). Someone made an in depth blog post explaining the issue - pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/xnu-cpu-power-management/ Check it out
  3. Yeah, the OS is definitely much faster. But the speedstep... It's just like 10.8.5 here. Only the lowest, highest and turbo steppings are available. The rest in between are missing. Disappointing. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. Reflash the bios and choose default settings. It will go away then. Mavericks gold master is out. Anyone test out the haswell speedstep yet?
  5. I can confirm this. 10.8.5 is not what we hoped it would be, for haswell based systems at least. Even the Chameleon based hd 4600 support is faulty on it. UEFI booting works great with Clover but I just couldn't get it to install perfectly - but did learn a lot of things related to this new bootloader. HD 4600 also works perfectly with Clover as opposed to Chameleon on 10.8.5. Configuring the hidden EFI partition is what makes things complicated on Clover, I think. I got frustrated wishing for a stable system that I ended up reinstalling Windows 8 and it works great. I've become used to gigabytes's fan control software Btw, does anyone know how to remove UEFI entries from the gigabyte boot menu?
  6. Managed to fix sleep for now by using the darkwake=0 bootflag. Not sure if a dsdt fix would be better? For those unable to boot into 10.8.5, make sure VT d is off in the bios.
  7. 10.8.5 is released, guys! 10.8.5. Looking forward to a Mountain lion guide where everything works. Managed to boot it by reinstalling and doing the steps all over. (code for - don't know what the problem was lol) Audio is working with Toleda's latest patch for ALC898 for 10.8.5. Intel graphics is working with the latest Chameleon and GraphicsEnabler=Yes and IntelAzulFB=10 . Ethernet works with the 10.8.4 intel kext on 10.8.5 for now. Same here. System goes to sleep BUT wakes up instantly. Maybe we need a patched DSDT for this motherboard with EHCI/USB fixes? I've extracted the raw DSDT for my motherboard from WIndows but not sure how to patch it before using it. Mavericks is going to release end of october. I say that it's better to get 10.8.5 running perfectly now
  8. Z87 ud3h not booting for anyone else after the 10.8.5 combo update? Boots with safe mode though. Also note that it booted fine with 10.8.4 + a modified haswell kernel.
  9. Can anyone post a mirror to the Z87XUD3H Files v1.3 DOWNLOAD files? It says Mega is currently unavailable to provide the file.
  10. Would that have something to do with power management of the audio device? Maybe change the system definition.
  11. Any way to find the platform ID from Windows while we wait for Mavericks or 10.8.5 release?
  12. Relax, Apple won't actively invest in trying to block future customers.
  13. EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition

    Does VDA DECODE work with this? Firefox hardware acceleration?
  14. 10.8.3 iS OuT ..

    Is vda working for anyone that wasn't before?