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    Data Recovery with Knoppix

    Sorry I forgot to specify, but I will be using an HP desktop computer no matter how I attach the hard drive (USB, eSATA or SATA).
  2. mrboarderman

    Data Recovery with Knoppix

    This past Thursday my MacBook internal hard drive failed on me. While it needed to be replaced, the Apple Store Genius working with it saved my files and backed them up on my large external hard drive I have. HOWEVER, that night my external drive (a 500GB Seagate drive in a Vantec Nexstar 3 enclosure) didn't connect when I placed the USB cable into my MacBook. Instead an ominous blinking came from the LED on the enclosure and on the AC adapter. As you may guess my hard drive would not mount in Mac OS X. Since that day, I have been furiously scowering the web for an answer. While the data isn't important enough that I search for a company that will retrieve it for me, the data is a considerable amount of media that has taken countless hours of compiling. My question(s) for this post is quite broad, but I am wondering what to expect as I set out in search for my missing data through the Knoppix Live CD. What sort of command may I need to use to boot my USB External drive? Can I even use the enclosure, or should I boot Knoppix on a desktop that I can use the SATA connection? Are there any problems that anyone has run into while attempting to recover data? Anyway, my search turned up a consistant result, Linux, specifically Knoppix. I am unfamiliar with Linux, but am confortable enough with my computer skills that I could use it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.
  3. mrboarderman

    iTunes between OS X and Vista

    I have just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my MacBook running the newest OS X and Boot Camp. I have MacDrive 7 installed in Vista. I want to be able to listen to my iTunes music which is loaded onto a Mac formatted external hard drive in Vista. Is there any way to some how sync the iTunes library directories? Basically, I don't want to accidentilly delete or copy all my music. Thanks